Wanna see my new fortunyt spy?

  1. I recently got a new (to me) fortuny spy I wanted to share. It's well broken in and super soft. I'm not sure what these bags are like when they're brand spankin' new, but I think the used ones are pretty fab!
    bags 003.JPG
  2. I've never seen those in real life, wonder what it looks/feels like! Where did you get it? well congratulations! Take some pics of you modeling it if you can:smile:
  3. Congrats!!
  4. K- A gorgeous bag -- HOLOGRAM SPY :yahoo:!!

    When not in use, I think you might want to store the bag "SAICH Style" by filling it with tissue papers - that will keep it looking nice. The bag is laser grooved leather, but be careful not to rub it against the grain too much or it will split up a bit...at least thats what they say...:sweatdrop: Although the turquoise coming thru is pretty when it splits.

    Pretty bag, Have some Fun with IT!! :wlae::wlae::wlae:
  5. That's a beautiful bag - congratulations!

  6. Thanks everyone, and thanks baglady for the wonderful storage tips. I will definitely do that.

    Unfortunately, she's not in pristine condition (even tho the seller sold it to me as in "like new" perfect condition:cursing:) and she does show some wear and splitting There's one little patch in the bottom corner where the bronze has worn off and it's just turq.

    I was a little miffed that it was more worn than the seller admitted to, but the upside is that since it's not in perfect condition, I won't be afraid of wearing it and really enjoying it! I know these bags are delicate (even the fendi care card says so) so I'll be careful, but not as careful as I would have been if she was perfect to begin with, ya know?
  7. Grrr... bad seller! The bag is so stunning, though, I'm sure no one will notice.
  8. Gorgeous congrats I would love one of these!
  9. Beautiful and stunning bag. Stuff her! She is so stunning it's one of the more unique spies, imo. Congrats!
  10. Lovely bag, big congrats, yes keep her stuffed when not in use with lots of tissue paper, she will hole her shape better when you do take her out.

  11. K - here is a tip for a well worn Fortuny: fill it with tissue to maximum capacity. Get a very light leather conditioner, not the greasy kind, like Apple Leather Care and lightly dab it over the entire surface & smooth in, working the grooves of the leather back into place. Hang the bag up somewhere for a day or 2 to absorb it all...A lot of those wrinkles & irregulaties will smooth out...and a well abused Fortuny probably needs the nurturing...:yes:
  12. Very pretty congrats!!:heart:
  13. Congrats, I love this bag! It looks gorgeous!
  14. Thanks for this tip! Are you saying I should use apple care, or something even less greasy? What would you recommend?

    Baglady, you habve helped me in so many ways with your helpful information, so THANK YOU! :drinks:
  15. If you have Apple care, that would be a good one to go with since it is designed for a number of unusual leathers like this. Also I think the supplier emailed me the other day & said they were have a sale. I have a big jug of it on hand at all times. I use another product for deep moisurizing & polishing, but Fortuny surface is a bit tricky, so would stick to a light product like Apple Care.