Wanna see my goodies?

  1. I went to the mall today to return my Chelsea (long story) and was *hoping* I'd have the willpower to just walk out without anything new. Um no.

    I started off just ordering the Legacy stripe pouch and then I added the stripe heart keyfob. I bought the Chelsea with PCE so they said I could exchange it for an equal amount of merchandise (equal to the original price of the bag!!) So, for the next hour I picked a bunch of other items to equal the Chelsea price. FUN!!

    Here's what I ended up with--

    And another shout out to the NorthPark Coach boutique and my fav SA, Kayla. She knew my name when I walked in **blush** and was so fun to hang out with for an hour :tup: Anyway, thanks for indulging me!

    forgot to add- my Stripe pouch will be here next week! Woo-Hoo!!
  2. I'm totally drooling buckets all over my laptop!!! I love every single item!!! That swingpack is awesome and I love the bracelet!!! Congrats!
  3. Wow!!! You had some fun today!! :tup:
  4. Great purchases! Congrats, I really like the legacy bracelet, but my wrist is too small it keeps sliding off. I'm sure it looks great on you! Enjoy your stuff!
  5. great purchases!! i never have the will to go in and not spend any money...
  6. Very nice! Enjoy your new goodies! Um I know what you mean by no willpower as I have zero! :rolleyes::nuts:
  7. Great goodies!!
  8. Your new stuff is gorgeous - I love the swingpack and the Khaki/red wristlet and skinny mini.
  9. Just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! Long live the STRIPES!
  10. great things! :tup: that swingpack is sooo cute!! :drool:
  11. Great choices, now I have to update my wishlist.:tup:
  12. I love your new goodies!
  13. beautiful! Love the bracelet- I want one of those so badly!
  14. love the bracelet, so classy
  15. I love that bracelet! Great purchases!