Wanna see my first ever bbag??

  1. I thought I was a Coach girl. I thought I'd never want another designer. Ever. And something happened one day. I saw a picture of this and knew I had to have her. Less than a week later, here she is in my possession and I am in love! :heart::heart::heart: Here she is, my first Balenciaga and certainly not my last....

    Miss 07 Sienna Twiggy



    Isn't she beautiful? :love:
  2. Oh she's really a beauty!! congrats! I have a sienna day and it's my current fave- the color is just amazingly beautiful!!
  3. SO GORGEOUS!!! :drool::drool::drool: Congratulations on an amazing first bbag!!!!
  4. Congrats~~
    That's a great first bbag!
  5. 0o0o0o0 yummy!!! WELCOME TO THE DARK SIDE!!!
  6. Oh MY. That's a gorgeous bag! Congrats on your first but not last Bal!! :yahoo:
  7. Oh THAT'S GORGEOUS! Congrats and welcome to the bbag forum.
  8. Awesome choice for your first BBag.:tup:
    I LOVE Sienna.:drool:
    Enjoy her! :yahoo:
  9. Awesome color choice - I have a Sienna Day coming. This will definately not be your last Bal Bag - I just "discovered" them recently and have bought 3 and have one on layaway at RDC and am on waitlist for another - it's addicting!!
  10. Hello T! Welcome to the Bbag subforum. I am sure you will love your new Twiggy.
  11. Yum!! Congrats!
  12. Congratulations and welcome to your much more expensive habit! Enjoy your new purse!
  13. It is beautiful!!!! The color is so pretty, great first choice!! I just got my first Bal bag too and isn't it amazing how much you fall in love as soon as you get it in your hands?!?! CONGRATS!
  14. That's beautiful first bbag,I love sienna....congrats!!!

  15. Yes, it is addicting! I have a bag on layaway at RDC too! An 04 pewter mini twiggy! I never imagined I'd find a mini twiggy, I was going to get a first but I lucked out! I want an 06 lavender city or twiggy next! LOL!

    Thanks everyone for your kind words!