Wanna see my family?

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  1. I dunno if it's okay to post this here, but I have been wanting to get a family photo for some time. It's not that big, but here is my current Bal family:
    '04 seafoam first
    '04 turquoise campagnon
    '05 black city
    '05 black first
    '05 bordeaux twiggy
    '05 damask day
    '06 black weekender
    '06 ivory shopper
    '07 violet city

    Next, I want an ink day.:drool:
  2. Love it!!!!
  3. WOW! love them all, i covet your damask stripe day! (or is it a courier?)
  4. great family photo! glad to see im not the only one with multiple blacks!!!
  5. black is my favorite and works best for me. I would like to have a black flat messenger and day at some point. I am trying to expand on more colors. I love the lighter colors but they scare me b/c I worry about them getting dirty. I would loooove a pistachio city and after seeing Mary Kate's who care's if it gets worn a little bit :p
  6. WAO!!! Very nice.. U need a BLUE.. French Blue!!!??? Hhee...
  7. Love your family and ms. Violet is looking so pretty there.:tup:
  8. Love your family! Thanks for sharing.:tup:
  9. Wow! Love your collection! The damask day looks so fun! :party:
  10. i really love the damask! it's so cool. everyone should have one!
  11. what a great collection!! thanks for sharing
  12. Here's a couple more...(hope it's alright to post these here =)
    DSC02240.JPG DSC02238.JPG
  13. :woohoo: What a great family!!! I love your violet :drool:
  14. Love the Damask as well! Must find one...
  15. Gorgeous! Love your family! I'm totally digging that bordeaux twiggy! :tup:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.