wanna see my collection of spy bags??..okay group hug!

  1. Here are my four fendi loves... I'll post pics of my chloes, mjs, chanels and lvs later..:P
    IMG_0430.JPG IMG_0434.JPG IMG_0436.JPG IMG_0382.jpg
  2. HOT :biggrin:!
  3. wow, so nice...
  4. they're beautiful!
  5. Great Spy collection!
  6. Very nice spy collection!
  7. Beautiful collection of spys! :choochoo: You are so lucky!
  8. oh boy. Beautiful Spy bags
  9. Wow! You Spy Addict you.. GREAT collection!!
  10. Love em, especially the petrol !
  11. wow! love them all! very nice!
  12. Wonderful!
  13. Wow!!! :nuts:
  14. I love the colors!!
  15. OMG this collection is so beautiful, your Petrol is to die for and cannot believe you have a Green Spy would give anything for one of these but they are just never listed.
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