Wanna See my Brand New Sweater?

  1. I just got this cashmere light weight tee shirt sweater from Coach with my 25% off...I love it. I also picked up this ponytail scarf...such a good deal on it.
    blackwhitecoach.JPG backcoachsweater.JPG frontcoachsweater.JPG
  2. :drool: i covet thy sweater :drool::nuts:
  3. how pretty. You'll have to do modeling pics.
  4. WOW that is sooo cute! I haven't seen that sweater before! If you don't mind my asking, how much was it before PCE?

    I :heart: your scarves too! All GREAT buys!! Congratulations and I hope you enjoy wearing them!!! :yahoo:
  5. Thanks!!The sweater retails for $298 I believe, it's on the website...but you still have until Sunday to get the 25% off if you have the card that was mailed out.
  6. Congrats! I love it.
  7. Ooooooh, I'm jealous!! I want some Coach Cashmere too!!!:nuts: I just love the butterflies. Can't wait to see modeling pics!!!!!!
  8. Coach Cashmere! Sounds wonderful!! Looks fantastic! Congrats!
  9. congrats! i love cashmere sweaters, they are so comfy!!!!
  10. That is a great sweater. It is going to look fantastic on you. Congrats!
  11. WOW! I love the butterflies on the sweater. Congrats on a great purchase!
  12. oooh, i have that scarf!

    love the sweater, I was eyeing that up on the website!
  13. WOW! That's pretty! Congrats!:tup:
  14. Very cute sweater-great purchase!
  15. Very pretty! Love the butterflys