Wanna see my Botkier Crosby Hobo?

  1. A few of us in here got this bag a week or so ago from Karizma. There was a 50% off code so it made the bag a steal at 347 or so. I really really like this bag. Maybe better than my Bombay satchel. The leather has a shiny finish, it has neat detailed side pockets with magnetic removable mirror and stretch tabs for lipsticks. Beautiful interior too. Such a lovely Olive color which I thought I'd never like but am lovin it in this bag. Thanks for the person who posted that Karizma sale.

    Botkier Crosby1.JPG

    Botkier Crosby2.JPG

    botkier crosby3.JPG
  2. Gorgeous Bag! Congrats!
  3. Nice bag!
  4. lovely color!
  5. I love that!
  6. That is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!:love: :love: :love:
  7. pretty colour! congrats! that's a steal price :wlae:
  8. Great bag! It sounds practical, too. Love the little purse feet.
  9. O:huh:o, I love it! I just got my first Botkier bag several weeks ago, the Essex e/w satchel in the green color. I :heart: it! You made an awesome choice!
  10. Have this bag, love this bag! And dont' worry if it gets wet! There's something about that goatskin leather that just sucks up the water and gives amazing richness to the color! Enjoy!!

  11. nice!! i always thought it was a stiff bag based on online pics, but your pic shows it's actually a soft bag. love it!
  12. Thanks everyone. Yes, it's a slouchy bag. I love the finish and I did remember what IAmMe said about water. When I saw the finish I knew it was going to be great to finish out this Winter that is so rainy where I am. The zippers are a bit tight. Do they loosen up after use? Heavy Duty zippers!!
  13. Beautiful!!!
  14. Beautiful! What a great colour.
  15. Love this bag, is beautiful!