Wanna see my blueberry?

  1. It's blueberry day! Here's my blueberry purse. I am thrilled with the color and am happy to add the purse style to my small but QUICKLY growing collection.

    My initial impression of the purse style... Love that both of the pockets are bigger than the city and it has an overall pretty look. I don't like that the bag doesn't sit up on its own unless it's pretty full (since the bottom is not flat), and of course that there's no shoulder strap. Still, I'm thrilled to have it. When it's filled and being carried, it kinda looks like a big first. :smile:

    The bag is empty in the first pic and filled in the others.
    blueberry 2.jpg blueberry 3.jpg blueberry 4.jpg blueberry 5.jpg blueberry 1.jpg
  2. Its gorgeous!! I'm so happy you got the blueberry! I love it in the purse style!
  3. I love it!!! Where did you find the Purse style? It is perfect!
  4. Hey, it's the blueberry triplets!

    Becca, I got it from Mix Modern (Houston). They had the purse left in truffle (I have to say that it looked great in that color!) and another color which I'm blanking out on but no more blueberry.
  5. gorgeous Glimmer! congrats
  6. Beautiful!!
  7. Wow! :upsidedown: (me doing a flip for you.. heehee). So glad to hear you love the Purse, and the color is gorgeous on yours! It is just like having a larger 'First' (without the strap & with longer handles) Congrats on your fabulous choice of color & style!! Thanks for posting all the pics of it for us to see.

    (ooh.. and I'm glad to hear you thought the Truffe color looked great on the Purse style too because that is how I feel!! :smile: )
  8. Thanks peanut and jillybean!

    Goldensx, yep, that's right you have it in truffle! I have a truffle city and somehow I think it looked even better in the purse. Something about it, I don't know!
  9. Congrats on the great new bag!
  10. No way!! Your (and SoCal's) Truffe City is absolutely D-VINE!! I'm just glad to hear you thought it looked great in the Purse style too since you picked such a gorgeous City out. So it was nice to hear you felt the Purse was equivalent. :smile: :smile: :smile:
  11. ooh Goldensx5 do you have pics of it? post post!!
  12. glimmer, its gorgeous :love: I saw the blueberry today and the color is really the perfect blue! Congratulations!
  13. Congrats!!! The color is GORGEOUS!!!!:nuts: :love: :love: :love:
  14. Wow, that is a beautiful bag...what a fabulous color! Congratulations!
  15. congrats!!! its gorgeous!!