Wanna see more pics of Taupe, Mousse, Juane?

  1. Check out eBay seller, Roz77772002!!! She's just listed Paddingtons in these 3 new colours.:biggrin: The Mousse appears a lot greyer than I expected.. Was thinking it was more green and dark! Hmm, so hard to know for sure.
  2. TY for the heads up! btw, in case anyones wondering roz is a great seller.

    Oh dear, I love the mousse. *starts to plot* what oh what can I sell off..hhmmm...
  3. LOL! I like how u think.. um.. you wouldn't happen to have a quilted MJ Blake just lying around, do you? Or a quilted MJ clutch wallet?:P
  4. No MJs. You need a kidney? Spleen? I can live without a spleen, right? LOL
  5. well this is kind of relieving and disappointing at the same time - the mousse is a lot more blue than i expected, i don't love it that much. now i can get a bulga! lol...but i really loved the color that was up on LVR.
  6. Atleast you got to see a better picture before ordering. I liked it up on LVR but I also loved the jeans moyen/blu claire but didn't like the gold hardware. So the mousse is great. I hope I can still get one when I have enough $$.
  7. I love the dark color shown on LVR, too, but I was SO sad to send back my jeans moyen Paddy...so this will be a happy medium. If it is bluish greenish grey, I am more than happy! Funny that the pics get posted the moment after I ordered my new bag (the big pocket paddy)..:amazed:
  8. Thanks! I breezed right by that Mousse bag thinking it was the light blue. I dunno.... I see NO green in that bag, just light blue. Is it me?
  9. I too saw no green; it could just be our monitors?? :blink:

    Where does Roz get so many fantastic bags so quickly.

    Are those skull scarfs really popular? Alas, the sheltered nature of Colorado. :biggrin:
  10. It definitely looked green to me IRL - maybe there's some variation in the tone?