Wanna see CORAL??? I thought so! :D

  1. If you go to the shopping resources forum there's a Bloomies discount thread. Be sure to sign up for loyal list and you might get a reward certificate after your purchase.
  2. I saw a Coral Percy today. I love the color, but like O I might stick to a Percy.

    For the ladies who've seen it in person, did you get the impression, as I did, that the color on the corners might fade rather quickly?
  3. Oops, I meant like the OP.
  4. I saw it in the Percy at Nordstrom the other day. This color is perfect in that size. Gives the right amount of pop.

    In regards to fading, I have no idea! I did think it would be prone to color transfer though.
  5. Hmm. I was just zooming in on the pics of coral bags on Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale's websites, and the bags are all scratched up. I was just considering getting a Little Ukita or Natasha in Coral and now I'm wondering if it will look beat up in a month.
  6. WOW! That's a gorgeous color!