Wanna see CORAL??? I thought so! :D

  1. Picked this up today at the Bloomies sale. It's an absolutely ADORABLE color, but it was a last minute purchase and I really don't have the right clothes to match this :sad:

    I love earthy tones and my wardrobe just doesn't really call for a "pink" bag, so I think I'm gonna return. However, the color is super super cute and extremely striking in person. I seriously doubt any girl can wear this bag out and NOT get complements.

    The pictures were taken at night in my room, but if anyone wants to see one in natural light tomorrow, I can take more photos.

    Lil Ukita in Coral...


  2. I have decided that I may get this color in the Percy :smile:
  3. Wow, that is beautiful!!! I love it, now I want something in coral! Thanks for sharing these pics, I was wondering about the color :smile:
  4. That is a beautiful colour! I wish it came with SH too.
  5. Ach I was debating over this. I literally just completed a Bloomingdales order for a Francesca in Mink instead. I got a huge discount so I'm excited even though I haven't seen it in person. I think I'm going to get the Percy or maybe the Natasha in Coral. Love it!
  6. I saw Mink in person today. It's a light grey with lavender undertones.

    I definitely think a Percy in Coral is super cute, especially for me since I really don't wear pink often. But a little touch of it is nice :smile:
  7. Beautiful!!
  8. The coral is such a pretty and feel-good color! I can't wait to see how the Percy looks in person! I think this color is a great way to punch up an everyday outfit!
  9. Pretty color. It is hard to try to match a color like this with clothes. But you don't necessarily need to match your bag & clothes.
  10. i have seen the coral and it's stunning, congrats!
  11. I just returned the bag an hour ago. Even though the color is gorgeous, it's just too much for me in a bag of this size. Like I said earlier, I think getting the Coral in the Percy will be perfect :smile:
  12. Wow! How pretty is this? Must check out for myself now! Hope you get your coral Percy soon :smile:
  13. In my pea brain, what goes with coral is earth tones. Tan, khaki, mossy green, etc., black.
    It sounds like your wardrobe would be perfect for such a color.

    Be bold!
  14. I saw this colour in person the other day and it really is so pretty! I love it. :tup:
  15. do u mind to share how to get good discount at bloimingdales? tia!