Wanna See an Insane Wishlist HEEHEE!!!

  1. Alright....so I finished the ultimate wishlist for the perfect collection!
    I scoured the LE lines, plus current stuff. I even have some upcoming F/W on the list.

    Ready??? (My hubby isn't)! Oh...and this list is being emailed to hubby for 'ideas' for my masters graduation gift LOL!

    Mono Keepall 50
    Damier Hampstead MM
    Monogram Sophie
    Black Ursula
    Mini Lin Ebene Speedy
    Bedford (Framboise or Indigo)
    Reade PM (Frambois or Indigo)
    Monogram Koala Agenda PM (any color inside)
    Le Talenteaux (Black)
    Speedy 25 (Mandarin, Toledo Blue, Lilac)
    Speedy 25 (Black)
    Monogram Olympe Stratus PM (Beige or Ecru)
    Sweet Monogram Bracelet (White & Pastel)
    Sweet Monogram Necklace (White & Pastel)
    Sweet Monogram Earrings
    Inclusion Key Chain (Amarante)
    Inclusion Key Chain (Berry, Pomme, White)
    Fleurs Key holder (Releases end of June)
    Pastilles Keyholder (Pomme)
    Embossed Stephen (black)
    Black Multicolore Eye Need You
    Heart Coin Purse (Pomme or Framboise)
    Monogram Olympe Cirrus PM in grey
    Panda Ronde
    Silver Graffiti Speedy
    Oskar Waltz
    Mini Lin Croisette Cruise Speedy (Blue & Red)
    Mini Lin Croisette Ronde (Blue & Red)
    Black Denim Neo Cabby PM
    Conte de Fees Ronde (Apple & Butterfly)
    Vienna Mizi (Black or Aubergine)
    Globe Shopper MM (Blue)
  2. what????

    Monogram Cirrus in grey

    do you know something i don't? LOL
  3. Lol but it's VERY well rounded! :graucho:
  4. Good wish list.
  5. The new Cirrus in PM coming in grey for the fall! Oops...yea it's the Olympe...cirrus...I just wrote monogram for hubby.

    I had to be specific for the hubby LOL

  6. LOL...I've tried to cover all the lines LOL

    So I figure...if I got all this stuff...I can stop buying LV (unless something new comes out) LMAO!
  7. Oh...and I wanted to put this on my signature...but too many characters ROFL!
  8. Holly molly :nuts: Let the hunting begin :yahoo:
  9. Yea...now I need to figure out a plan to get all this stuff (aside from winning the lotto).
    I'm thinking that I should tackle it in 3s: 1 limited no longer available, 1 limited available, 1 regular

    Oh vey...this will probably take years at the rate LV keeps releasing stuff LOL
  10. Good wish list! We have some of the same fave bags! The difference is that you will probably get some of those in the near-future while I, on the other hand, will have to wait. :cry:
  11. whoa, i didn't know that!!! i thought it was nimbus. cool!
  12. Man oh man! Wow!:nuts:..If you get all of your wish list I will faint! A girl can dream right?...I am sweating my recent purchases LOL! Go Go Go!!!! Tell him to get ready!:roflmfao:
  13. :welcome:hats off to you naomi! lol
  14. i hope you get it!
  15. Sweetie, you're in trouble...serious trouble. I think someone needs to stage an LV intervention. :p:roflmfao: