Wanna see a ton of vintage Hermes??

  1. No, not my collection!!!

    But you can visit the past auctions of Gros et Delettrez and see some wonderful things. Some may make you :wtf: , like the Himalaya (if that is not your thing). Some may make you :crybaby: (like some really abused bags, e.g. lot 59).

    But most will make you :drool: or ;) !!

    Check out the green mcpherson in lot 199!!! Remember that dress of Nicole Riches?/ See Lot 219!

    This is really a fun thing to do. I am not sure if there are other catalogs in the past auctions, I mostly :drool: over this one from 2006.....

    This is how you do it...
    First, go to

    Then, in the long oval bar at the top of the gray area, click on Ventes Passees (past sales/auctions). Click on the lower right corner of the "book" that appears to "turn the page" of this book.

    At around page 5 (this may change if you are reading this in a few months) you will see an entry marked "Vente Hermes Vintage" it also says Lundi 15 et Mardi 16 Mai 2006. There is a picture of a Himalaya with a measuring caliper.

    Click on this, and you will see the auction catalog from that date, for each item the price it sold for is indicated by "Adj ____" In red

    Enjoy, and post your favorites here!
  2. Amazing fun.
  3. yes, its a bit of effort, but like visiting a museum

    ..of Hermes!!
  4. Thank you Cobaltblu! Great site!
  5. Oh wow there are sooo many! Thanks so much!
  6. Very cool. Thanks for posting.
  7. Thank you for sharing!
  8. That was most enjoyable, thank you CB. I was alternating between :nuts: and :yucky: with some of the hangbags there. Some poor Kelly's looked as if they had been in the wars, bless 'em, they need someone like me to give them some TLC...:angel:
  9. That was interesting - I loved that evelyn, the patina. Some of the Kellys had unusual measurements, a couple fo 33 cm and one 29 cm, I suppose they 'officially' were the 32 and 28cm but were measured exactly for the auction. That crocodile Kelly was a bargain although not sure of the condition. I loved looking through it all, thanks for sharing.

    I see there's another Hermes auction coming up in June, anyone going?
  10. Very cool! I loved the bag that looked similar to a old doctor's bag, I wonder if they still make that design...
  11. Thank you for the link, I loved looking through it. It's really hard to pick a favorite but I think the grey ostrich bolide is just :love:
  12. Thanks, it was fun.
  13. I love this site - I had completely forgotten about it!! Many thanks for the reminder, CB! :smile:
  14. my pleasure everybody, it is fun to see the various household items, too. ~~~sigh~~~
  15. Thanks for posting.. amazing!!