Wanna' see a hot 22 year old?

  1. Not me, :rolleyes:silly! My Monogram Canvas Sac Plat. Somehow I have never photographed her despite carrying her just about every day! This is proof positive that your LV investment is worth every penny!
    3.jpg 5.jpg 4.jpg 7.jpg 9.jpg
  2. LOL!!! C'mon! Let's see the hottie!
  3. I love the thread title! I wanna see pics
  4. Can't wait to see pic's.
  5. Wow...you've its really 22 y/o??? It look damn near brand new!! That makes me want a LV even more. They are well worth the investment!!
  6. Damn that looks hot!! Thanks for sharing your pic's.
  7. She's a beauty and she does not show her age at all. I just bought a cerises sac plat and I really like it. Yeah for the sac plat!!
  8. Fabulous....I love this you have taken great care of that vintage Sac Plat!
  9. FAB!:heart: Thanks for sharing pics!
  10. Wow, that looks great! Thanks for posting the pics!
  11. This Sac Plat is beee-a-utiful! I love it! haha
  12. Wow! I hope my pieces look that good in 22yrs!

    Mind if I ask what retail on the Sac was 22yrs ago?
  13. Love the pics!:love: I hope my stuff will look that good in 22 years:smile:
  14. Wow! That bag looks amazing for 22 years. That makes me excited about my bags lasting that long.
  15. :lol: That was too cute!