Wanna play Coach for a day?

  1. It seem like I almost change my bags on a daily basis:supacool:. I thought it would be kind of fun if we let each other know which bag we are using for the day:yes::tup:

    So today Im using my large black sig. Carly:drool: How about you??:nuts:

    Please post your awsome pics if ya can:okay:
    Ebay Pics 257.jpg Ebay Pics 293.jpg
  2. we should switch bags with board members and stuff... like bag borrow steal only no stealing.. like a swap or something...

    i m using my pink chevron hobo... i love it.. my other bags feel neglected.. as a matter of fact i sold one other bag so now i only have 3

  3. katrynar, you rock that bag! It looks great on you. Time for a change? Show us what your using tomorrow lol!
  4. I absolutely LOVE that bag on you!

    Sorry, I'm not carrying Coach today *ducks* :p
  5. Hey kidlearner! Tomorrow is a new day baby!
  6. :roflmfao: Thank goodness for that!!! Maybe it's the full moon today...... :yes:
  7. Thanks! Tomorrow I am using the same bag!! I got this hot pink jlo sweatpants to match!!! I am obsessed with this bag
  8. what are u using then kidlearner???
  9. this is the color of my sweatpants n case anyone was wondering... the sweatpants are long, not short like the jumpsuit in the picture

  10. off topic... this looks like it would match the chevron hobo perfectly if it had a silver instead of gold stripe

  11. Kat - thanks for asking!

    My Roberta Gandolfi

    BTW - the pants are way too cute, you crack me up!
  12. oooo what is that? i ve never seen anything like it! its gorgeous!!!

    what is it made of? was it expensive?
  13. ooooh too cute! ^^^
  14. u should see me try so hard to m atch this bag!!

    i got metallic silver nail polish on my fingers, medium pink on my toes, i wear white t shirts and and jeans and white or pink shoes!!!
  15. Thanks!! It's not a well known name brand. It's leather, but treated or something. All marks wash right off. It was made in Italy. She makes other purses, I've looked her up, but don't really like her others as much. I found this one at Marshall's for $130 - tag said it was originally in the $200s.
    Thanks again!!:blush: