Wanna Pimp Up Ya Car ?

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    I thought I had seen the lot in pimpin' but I like this! When you want to go over the top, than go over the TOP! With pimpstar Wheels. :supacool:
  2. Lol!!!
  3. How cool!!! But I so wouldn't do it.
  4. Lol. I wouldn't do it to my car either!
  5. :roflmfao: i'd probably wreck if i saw those on the road, i'd be so distracted trying to see what they were. i kind of like them! but they'd look funny on my soccer mom subaru. :smile:
  6. yea, they have rims that while driving and the motion of the wheels.. can display messages, pictures, smiley faces, hearts, and even a tv display (a bunch of lights working in unison like an LCD display would.. but it's very advanced).. and very expensive. it's like a rolling-vegas-strip. lol.
  7. LOL wow! I wonder how much it costs.
  8. damn! I would not do that to my car! lol! But I think it is great to see it on other cars!
  9. a few thousand PER rim.. and you'd need 4... if you see guys with this.. and they gawk at your $$$ purse... just say it's the same as their stupid wheels.. and walk away. hahaha.
  10. i just realized my post up there was the same thing as these pimpstar ones. lol. duhh.. that's what i get for talking before looking at the links! haha.
  11. i dont like it :sad: imo
  12. I like the mudflap girl. LOL
  13. Obviously less than the price of taste.
  14. lol... i want to pimp up my car!! lol..
  15. Me too!!!! Pimp my Ride is one of my favorite TV shows!!!