Wanna Peek Inside Kirsten Dunst's Childhood Home ?

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    Kirsten Dunst's Home
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  2. Very Nice!!!
  3. ^^^ITA...Very nice...without being over the top
  4. very nice!
  5. Love the color of those wood floors. The house has obviously been remodeled. It's very cute!
  6. Pretty big. Nice!
  7. Cool place
  8. It's very nice!
  9. Wow, nice house!
  10. it's a very nice house!
  11. Nice! I love how bright it is, and how beautiful the outdoors is.
  12. Looks really cozy!
  13. i'm loving the spiral staircase. it's a very nice house.:yes:
  14. love it .. wonderful house
  15. wow its lovely! where is it?