Wanna Overpay for an Inferno BV???

  1. Some clueless eBay seller who has not done their homework just listed over 30 (I quit counting) Inferno BV bags.... with a starting bid of $499.99 each!!!
  2. I saw that and was about to post here too. Lol Just too crazy.. $499.99 is outrageous! For that reason alone, I'll never buy from this seller since they are trying to rip someone off.
  3. Someone hit the wrong button...
  4. Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Both the price AND the number of listings has got to be a mistake!

    But if it not a mistake, aside from the really jacked up price there's something else...

    ... the auction description (for all of them) says "***The actual bag is shown from pictures***...

    ... which means to me you get the bag in the picture. But it's the same picture for all gazillion auctions!
  5. Are they even real?
  6. I know I saw all those listings and was annoyed that I had to search with them in my way.
  7. See, that's why I always compare prices for the stuff I get off eBay just in case.
  8. She's a good seller, I bought a denaro and it's so cute and I think that inferno VG is real but she hasn't noticed her mistakes: the price and the same item...

    I want to think that lol
  9. That's happened once before. I'm not sure if it was the same seller or not but a few months ago there was like 30 of the same exact bag way over priced and it was so annoying!! :confused1:
  10. Wooooow... That should be an error beause they sold bv in citta print for bin of 179! sucks for that seller and them paying the insertion fees.