Wanna make MONEY? Sell your Inferno Zucca!

  1. Wow, thats alot!
  2. holy moly...omg i didn't even realize that the auction didn't end yet! wow so popular
  3. Wow! But I love my Inferno Zucca too much to sell.
  4. hahah! you have one day to snag it!!! lmao
  5. omg!!! that reallyy a high price!
  6. Is the high bidder anyone here? Hehe .. come out come out wherever you are ... LOL!
  7. LOL check out the Q&A portion :graucho:

  8. Hehe I saw that. I've had buyers contact me before too harrassing me to sell to them offline. I had one a couple months ago that I not only didn't sell to, I blocked him from bidding on the auction. He was so pushy about wanting to get his girlfriend this Coach bag he promised her, but wanted me to sell it to him for a much lower than fair price. He even emailed me after the auction bugging me.:cursing:
  9. wow. i love mine too much. it was my first toki too. i cannot part!
  10. *cough*

    I'm not the high bidder, but I'm bidder number 7. I'm done though, I can't go any higher than my last bid.
  11. Lisa182 : *cough* *cough* I am amazed that you even bid that much .. wow! Good thing you know when to stop. I hate to see the prices skyrocket like this .. next thing you know .. Inferno Gioco will have a $250 BIN. *Shuddder!!!**
  12. ^I know, but this was the one bag I that I really regret not getting, but I can't go any higher on it, way way way to much for me to keep going.
  13. :wtf:

    What the heck! :roflmfao:

    It's stupid, i saw inferno zuccas at a lower price on eBay (one or two months ago).
  14. i remember seeing that auction earlier today & thinking how nice the back looked with the tree & all, but would NEVER bid that much for it, knowing that it could've come from the outlets and all..