Wanna Know Whos Dating ?

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    Romance is in the air !!

    After keeping herself busy in hoards of controversies, super-model Naomi Campbell is again ringing the newspaper-bells and hitting the headlines. The black beauty has been noticed spending alot of time with actor Gerard Butler, the star in the recent flick – 300. :heart:
  2. This "romance" maybe all over by Monday, but I just wanted to let you all know whats going on. :yes:
  3. Noooooooooo....
  4. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! She's such a dirty hooker.
  5. ^lmao
  6. I think she looks pretty here, but I really don't like her all that much...she seems really.....mean...she scares me
  7. Naomi is gorgeous and it surely doesn't surprise me that he's attracted to her if this is true. They would certainly look HOT together. He's hot and she's hot!

    Naomi has been with a lot high profile people over the years but nothing serious/nothing seems to lasts. I doubt this will go anywhere. I thought she was dating Terrence Howard last week. Guess she was just 'passing through'...lol. She's a playgirl I guess.....lol.
  8. I thought she was looking to settle down? Hasn't there been reports of her wanting to have a baby lately?
  9. sorry but can you imagine Naomi to have a baby? what is she gonna do when it starts to cry and scream??? throw the bottle?

    well, you never know, a lot of people have changed when they became parents.
  10. ^lol!
  11. gosh, he is one brave man ;)

    or crazy :biggrin:
  12. Yikes! He better put on a face guard--he is going to need it when she tries to beat him with her sidekick!
  13. LOL you guys are so funny
    when I read this I went NO:wtf:
    feel bad for the guy!
  14. lol- I guess I'm the only Naomi fan here (love how she wore fur and heels to her court-ordered cleaning :p )
  15. maybe!!! who knows!