Wanna know what $700 get me for work wear??

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  1. So what did $700 get me for work wear :smile: The sales were great out there and I hit so many stores but this is where I scored at. I think I could have done better but some stuff at GAP was on sale and some stuff not :sad:. I plan on hitting outlets and other stores that I loved once I start building up more of a savings :smile:. I want to thank all the ladies who had gave me suggestions on where to go and what to get. The pics I posted are some of the items I found at the GAP. I couldn't find pics of JCP or Marshalls stuff. I think I shorted myself on pants though so I am thinking one or two more. So ladies wow did I do??

    GAP Items
    3 Curvy Black Pants
    1 Curvy Tan Pants
    3 V-neck Sweaters Black, Purple, Rose
    3 Gap Modial Cardigan in black, navy and grey
    2 Preppy Crewnecks black and purple
    1 The Ultimate Cardian black
    2 Stretch fitted shirt black and white

    Jones New York Cardigan in Navy and matching tank
    Calvin Klein short sleeve sweater

    JCPenney had amazing sales and this is where I feel I really lucked out and there stuff there didn't seem that bad. The brands were Worthington and St. Johns that I purchased and were between $5-$8.00 for the shirts and sweaters
    2 Black Cardigans
    2 Black button down shirts
    1 Purple button down shirt
    1 Emerald green button down
    2 Blue button down
    1 Tan button down
    2 Pink rose button down
    1 Violet button down
    2 White button down
    1 Red button down
    2 Grey sweater vests
    3 Black sweater vests

    2 Worthington pants 1 black and one grey for $24 each

    Here are pics of stuff from GAP
  2. Wow! You got a whole new work wardrobe!
  3. VERY NICE!!!:tup:
  4. WOW you did a great job of getting a lot of good basics. Very nice!!
  5. wow, you did great
  6. Great job!! I did a big shopping blow-out at the Atlantic City outlets before I started my 1st full-time job, and I still wear most of the stuff regularly. It feels great, right? :smile:
  7. I can't believe you were able to get so many great items for $700! Good luck with your job!
  8. Thank you everyone :smile:. I can't believe how good I did either :smile:, especially when I was so worried about the shopping trip and how well I would spend my money putting stuff together :smile:... Now it's time to save for a new bag he he :smile:
  9. How nice, You did really good !!! BTW, I really like those GAP curvy pants, I have a few pairs myself. Those are my favorite pants along with the express editor ( I prefer the wide waistband ones). I really have to check out JC Penney, interesting!

    I wish you the best of luck at your new job:yahoo:

    I think you are good w/ pants for now, they don't get noticed as much!
  10. fabulous!! i've been looking for that blue cardi from gap! the one near me sold out.
  11. Very nice!
  12. Wow good finds! :smile:
  13. That is amazing
  14. whoa what a great haul!!!! If the pants fit well, you should definitely grab a couple more pairs, they're really cute and having some to rotate would be so nice :flowers: