Wanna help us name our kitty!?

  1. Here's our new baby but we can't name her Help!!!

  2. aw she is beautiful...can you describe her personality at all (i.e. hyper, mellow, playful, shy, etc.)? I find the best names are the ones that match the animal's personality.
  3. She's hyper all the time, running up the curtains, then she eats and goes to sleep for 12 hours lol
  4. I like: Nala (from the Lion King), Zoe, or Scout.
  5. awww she's precious. :smile:
  6. I'm liking Nala or Pebbles!
  7. She's gorgeous :heart:
    As she looks like she's wearing white socks what about something with socks or paws in?
  8. She is darling! I just want to cuddle with her. :heart:

    How about the name Clementine? Clemmy for short.

    This is a great and fun site to check out if you need some help naming a cat http://petrix.com/catnames/index.html That site helped me pick out the name Sassy for my cat. I went through the list and that name just stuck.

    LOL at the name Catzilla!
  9. She's so pretty. How about Layla or Emily?
  10. what an adorable kitty. she looks like a bella grace to me.
  11. She is beautiful! What about Luna (meaning, moon) or Socks? There is a new puppy on my street and they named her Bella Luna and call her Luna which is so cute and pretty at the same time. Congrats btw - she is one pretty cat.
  12. I like Tac...Cat backwards. LOL
  13. Awww...isn't she adorable! Amy (her pic is my avatar) is my cats name. Short and sweet name...plus, I've heard it said that animals seem to respond more to a name that ends in an "eeeeee"'. So, how about Amy?
  14. Ahhhh I love Nala :heart: or Stella or Bally/Bali :tup:
  15. Awww she is soooo cute!!!! I've had my cat for 13 years and I always kind of wished I named her Olive...because her eyes are the color of a green olive!!