Wanna help me pick Accessories????


What should I get for my azur speedy?

  1. Damier Azur Mini Pochette Accessoires

  2. White Multicolor Wapity

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  1. Hi ladies and gents!

    I've been on and off of the purse forum over the last couple of weeks do to exams...(which btw aren't over yet! I still have 6 more in the next 4 weeks!:sweatdrop: ) So I haven't been spending much time on here...which could be a good and bad thing! There are so many posts I've missed out on! But I check when I can on updates on the price hike and the azur line...

    Anyways, this is why I'm posting...I'm excited to get the Damier Azur Speedy and am in need of a small accessory! Maybe one that will coordinate with the Azur. Here is what I am considering!:P

    Damier Azur Mini Pochette Accessoires $215 before price hike...


    White MC Wapity around $200-250 ish on ebay....

    Which should i get? I already have a Mono Partition (Wristlet) and a Damier Mini Pochette to go with my Damier Speedy... so that's why I'm having the hardest time deciding...I would love to get both if I could...but not at this moment!:sad: Should I be "matchy-matchy" (I tend to coordinate my access..) Or go for the "casual cuteness" of the mc wapity?

    I'd appreciate any suggestions or comments....TIA!!:flowers:

    254864277_79fa9a30b2_m.jpg 254865778_262c2cb848_m.jpg wapity mc wht $335.jpg
  2. get the white Wapity :nuts:! it's so cute :love:
  3. thanks sandra...I almost can't resist it's cuteness...!
  4. Hi There...
    Did you get the Damier Mini Pochette separately or is this the bag that comes w/the bucket. I didn't think they had the mini pochette in the Damier print w/the cute chain strap.

    BTW - I think the MC Wapity would be cute.
  5. go for the MPA, it is so cute!!! I love my wapity but I think that will be great to have both speedies and their matching pochettes. If you dont like the thing most of PFérs call matchy-matcy(it makes me laugh it sound soo funny) then go for the Wapity. I wish i could have a matching accesorie 4 each bag but I´m poor hehe...
  6. another vote for the white MC wapity here!
  7. no matter what you will get, you will be happy. they are both really cute! i have the mc wapity and i love it, i also want the azur mini pochette. so if i had to take a decision i would buy the mini pochette.
  8. damier azur mini pochette!
  9. My vote is for the Damier Azur mini pouchette. It will be so cute with the bag!
  10. I think the mini pochette will be cute with the bag but I also love the mc wapity.
  11. My vote is for the Damier Azur mini pochette. I think it is elegant as well as adorable for its size. I love the wapity because it's sooo cute and fun. :heart: :yes: You can't lose either one is just too adorably cute!:yes: :yes: :flowers:
  12. Thanks everyone for your help...it's such a hard decision!

    btw, maxie...you can order the damier pouch as a replacement piece for the Damier Marais... the pochette is $140 and the chain is $60.

    Its a great deal...cheaper than the mini pochette and two inches larger in length!!!
  13. I agree damier azur pochette is cute but MC wapity is adorable!!!

  14. Question... did you have to prove you had a Damier Marais to order the replacement?

    TIA for the answer!

    That DOES sound like a great deal!

    What a tough decision! erm.. I'm thinking the mini damier azur pochette. Yes - that's my vote.

    But the wapity is cute too!
  15. I am no help, because I can't pic...like them both...I am sure you'll love either one!