Wanna help me find a bag??

  1. Hey all!
    Im on a hunt for the Chelsea brown/optic flap in the larger size. I am where there is no Coach to be found for hundreds of miles :s. Although Im having a blast here not having a Coach near by is tough. :sweatdrop: If someone would locate one for me I'd be so thankful!
    Thanks loves!!:flowers:
  2. for some reason i cannot picture this bag
  3. ^^^I think she wants it in the chocolate brown.
  4. This color, but in the larger size?
  5. Yup, I think that's the color but I think that's the small. Anyone know the style # of the large?

  6. Yes yes! This one in the larger size. eBay has nada:sad:
  7. I think it's 10993...

    Kimmie, I'll keep my eyes open for you. I don't think this is going to be an easy one to find!
  8. Thanks a bunch mokoni!:tup: I too believe its gonna be a tough one:sad:
  9. I've never seen this bag your looking for...I'll look tomorrow because I am going to Macys.

  10. Thanks so much!:flowers:
  11. I was at Macy's this last Thursday and I'm ALMOST sure I saw them there. Macy's had 3 HUGE bin full of Coach bags on clearance. I remember that bag being there. I don't remember which one of the two sizes they had but I remember that color. I might be mistaken but I'm almost willing to bet that I'm not crazy and did see them there.
  12. Kimmie!!!!!!!!!

    I found one!!!!!!!!! One small problem though...it's at the store in Vancouver, Canada. Will the stores transfer from Canada to the USA?

    Edit: I saw it this morning and just phoned the store to see if they would transfer and they just sold it!! I can't believe this! I am so sorry.... I should have put it on hold.
  13. Aw shux! thanks for thinking of me though. Guess it just wasnt meant to be this time:shame:

  14. Cool. Which Macys?.maybe I can give them a call:yes: