wanna hear something crazy?

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  1. in march someone buys 2 of my items. she makes an offer on one and bins the other. i have a buy two get half off shipping thing or maybe get it free but she's international. so i offer to ship for half price. fine. i send it global express. she paid 9 dollars. i pay 19 total so 10 of my money. i ship on march 17th. the day after she pays.

    then i think in may i get an email that she never picked up the items from her po because she was on vacation and do i have them back? um, no. i tell her is she sure they're not still at the po? i also told her i think it would take a while to come back if they even did because they don't get shipped back the same way they are sent in the first place.

    periodically i get an email from her about hey, have you gotten them back. she never demands money back (which is nice) or files any claim. i can't tell if she was really on vacation or if she didnt want to pay customs. the items totaled less than 60 dollars.

    anyway today i get a message on my machine from my doorman that there's a package that was returned to me. very curious i call him from work. yes that's right. it's her package. ALMOST 5 MONTHS LATER. i still can't tell if she just never picked it up and if so why. the customs charge was about 9 british pounds. i emailed her this afternoon telling her i got it back and did she want me to resend it? i told her i could either send it back at her expense or i would refund her minus the total shipping cost. i'm sorry but it's not my fault that she didn't pick it up and i don't think i should be out 19 dollars for no reason. kwim?

    but can you believe it? 5 MONTHS??? to ship something back that only took a week or less to get there! i shipped 3/17. it made it to the UK on 3/23 and i think she got a notice on 3/27. i'm was trying to figure out if there were any other dates i could discern but didn't see any....

    haven't heard back from her yet though....
  2. :amazed: That is WILD!! I hope things end there and you don't lose a lot of your money. I can't believe she never picked them up. if it were me, I'd be at the post office ASAP! Those are my new preciouses! Good luck with whatever happens.
  3. HAHA yes I believe it. Something similarly happened to me only 2 months later. I guess I should expect it back in October? lol
  4. OK this same thing happened to me once when I sold a small Gucci bag to ahem, a certain Aussie we used to know. It was like 4 months, not quite as long as yours, but still forever.
  5. OH :shocked: I think it's imposibble if po return to you for such that long time, I guess your buyer is the one who does return. anyway, did it so weird she never claimed for not-receive item?

    Just wonder if you can get more details from po?
  6. Yikes. :wtf:
  7. Oh wow...that is just bizarre!!!

    Can't believe she didn't go and pick the item up, although if she was on hols, then the UK PO only hold (signed for) items for 7 days before returning to sender.

    Wonder why she went through all the hassle of buying overseas if she knew she was going away?:push:
    And why has it taken so many months for you to get the item back?

    Hope it all works out ok x
  8. 5 months. wowowow. :wtf:
  9. oh that's good to know that the po only holds for 7 days in the uk. i would think she would have told me since she was expecting it or at least write a note to the po. or something. eek. still 5 months to get it back is ridic. still no word from her....
  10. Hi, so sorry this happened to you, this is so strange. The reason it did take 5 months to get back is because if an Item is returned, they dont send it Via Airmail, they ship it. The PO allways warns me that an item shipped could take months and months lol.
  11. I had something similar happen when Brazilian customs returned some items to me. There were several packages, but the first one took 3 months to come back. I think I just received the final package back 2 weeks ago. It was crazy. They ship them back registered mail, which apparently takes FOREVER!
  12. That's crazy! I sent something out a couple months ago that the person says was lost in the mail - maybe I'll get it back in 3 months LOL
  13. oh i know it doesn't come back the same way socialite. i mentioned that originally. but still. 5 months? i could have walked there and back faster.
  14. Hmmm... Maybe it came back by sea mail? The ship might have gone the long way around? Down past Africa, Australia and South America before coming up the east of coast of the US? :rolleyes:
  15. must have been by sea. and perhaps it stopped to do a season of "most dangerous catch"

    odd. but, i live in the mid pacific and once it took 7 months to get books from NY via abebooks bookrate. LOL, I had completely forgotten about them.