Wanna go Birkin spotting?

  1. Whenever I go into town, I've created a little game for myself, called "Birkin Spotting." (I don't count mine). The rules are, they have to be real--no horrid "jelly bags" :throwup: The last time I went, I only saw 2, but the time before, I spotted 6!!!

    How many can you spot in an afternoon? Post here!!!
  2. This reminds me of a game my husband and I used to play when we lived in Manhattan in the more downscale, pre-Giuliani eighties. We'd count bums per block and give each outing a rating.

    So if we saw fifteen bums in ten blocks, that outing would get a 1.5. We used to make little bets about what our score would be based on time of day, day of week, and route we'd be travelling. Along with Birkin watching, it's something you just can't do on the streets of suburbia.
  3. Where I am, I know it's going to be a big fat zero!
    I'll play when I get home. :smile:
  4. Big Zero as well majority of the time!

    The only game I play is the alphabet game when I am out! I need to get a life.
  5. Good morning, KB!!
  6. I saw one in SF yesterday. :smile:
  7. Crochetbella, I wish I went to the city yesterday. How was your visit to H?
  8. You got that right! They don't have any good shopping out there- come my way GT and I will take you shopping!!! Maybe next trip, but promise we'll have a blast!
  9. Ditto for my hometown......big fat ZERO! The only H spottings I see on a regular basis is Shopmom and that's when I get a glimpse of myself in a plate glass window!

    Only when I go into SF do I see MAYBE one or two on a good day....and usually on the escalator at Neiman's!
  10. LOL, Shopmom! I hear ya! Considering the $ in this area, we NoCA folks are so low-key (read: boring)!

    I've also spotted the H bags on the escalators at NM! :lol:
  11. I don't know, OT (big fat SIGH) - sometimes I just want to break FREE and wear all my best stuff and go out on the town! You know? Lordy....I don't know what'll happen when Croc comes home.......I guess it'll be Levi's, heels, T and.....Croc.
  12. that combo is HOT believe me ;)
  13. I totally understand, shopmom! When I first carried the Fuchsia Kelly to dinner, I felt I looked LOUD. Hey, Levi's, heels, T and croc would look fabulously hip in a granola way! The other day I went shopping at Stanford and wore my usual standby beat-up black blazer, white button-down oxford shirt, jeans, and black Euro-style sneakers--and topped w/ off w/ a Blue Jean Birkin 30!
  14. Lilach...OT......you guys make me laugh! Thank you!!!! I can see you now, OT and you must've looked GREAT!!!!!
  15. Shopmom, I think you have the 'tude to go all out! I, on the other hand, am a bit of a wallflower-type and prefer to remain behind the scenes!