wanna get the Teacup maltese..please advice!

  1. i really like the teacup maltese dogs..
    been trying to find one..but everything is just so expensive!!
    and i read that there is no such thing as a teacup maltese..
    please advice where i can get one and is it eaasy to take care of for those who have experience....thanks!!
  2. I used to work at a vet's clinic, and teacup dogs are NOTORIOUS for having major health problems. I would see dozens of people who had to spend thousands of dollars on special treatments and surgeries just because they purchased a dog from a breeder who was concerned only about the size of the pups and not the health.

    I would instead focus on finding a normal sized, healthy Maltese puppy:smile:
  3. Yes, these tiny dogs are really just mutant strains that have been bred and cross-bred for their small size. They ain't natural! And what about all the sweet normal dogs in shelters everywhere looking for good homes?
  4. awww gosh..
    thanks for the info guys..didnt know that they'd cost so much problem..but they're so cute!!can't resist it..
  5. i agree with everyone else...stay away from 'teacup' dogs and the breeders that advertise their dogs as 'teacups'!! that is a HUGE RED FLAG when it comes to searching for a good breeder. instead, take some time to visit a few maltese breeders and meet the parents of the puppies. the size and personalities of the parents will give you a good example of what you're bringing home with you.

    don't feel pressured to purchase the first pup you fall in love with!! i looked at a few before i settled on Dookie. he looks like his dad but is almost his mom's size (she's a little under 6lbs and Dookie is 5.5lbs)

    Good luck searching for a pup! Oh, also avoid petstores!!!!!!! they have a maltese club in almost every state, maybe you can email them for a list of good breeders that are in your area?
  6. I have a Maltese who is my baby and I love him so much:love:

    His grandfather actually weighed only 4 pounds and won the breeder's cup but my dog actually weighs about 8lbs.

    Maltese puppies are less expensive if you do not buy out of pet stores (they tend to come from evil puppy mills) and just buy from breeders and you are more likely to be able to negotiate pricing.

    Also check the Maltese Rescue here to see if any dogs need a home:
  7. there's no such thing as teacups. most dogs sold as "teacups" end up growing up to normal size. malteses are already small dogs. and please please find a reputable breeder or save a dog through rescue. NO PET STORES!
  8. As everyone else has said-there is no such thing as a teacup maltese. Back Yard Breeders and pet stores advertise this. Buying a teacup dog from one of these places could costs you thousands in health care for your dog-from underdeveloped organs to joint disease or genetic problems. Just think of how heartbreaking it would be to have a puppy for a few months only to have to have it put to sleep because you got it from a bad breeder who wasn't aware that his dogs had genetic dieseases. It happens, unfortunately.

    *However* if you really want a tiny maltese, there is a way to get one. Meet with responsible breeders (you'll find these from local maltese clubs-not the local paper!) and look at their dogs. A small mama dog and a small papa dog will most likely yield small puppies. This is a totally fine way of getting a smaller dog. It takes some investigative work & searching, but this is a way to find a smaller *healthy* maltese.
  9. thanks for the tips girlsssss :flowers:
  10. Teacup puppies of any breed make me sad. The majority of them have major health problems. It is just so wrong.
  11. That's how I feel too. For beagles they don't use teacup, they say "pocket" instead. People think that sounds *so* cute, but really it causes a whole host of problems.
  12. thanks gymangel for saying the same thing I've been saying for years, my dog is so small because mama and papa were small but when all is said and done, he is going to be 6 -8 pounds!
  13. My new pup is going to be around 7 to 10 pounds when I was searching for my yorkie I visited this web site hope it helps you find someone close!

    Dog Breeders Near You, Purebred Puppies, Dog Breeds

    You can look at pictures of what is for sale and learn about mom and daddy

    good luck!
  14. Be careful using breeder.net, as their own warning says:

    breeders.NET has not screened the listed breeders and accepts no responsibility for their reputation or quality. It is your responsibility to investigate.

    basically anyone who wants to can be listed on that website, including puppy mills and backyard breeders.

    I did a quick search of beagle breeders, and there are some reputable breeders on there, but definitely some BYB as well.

    Just as an example: Good breeder: New Jersey Beagles

    whereas the breeder below advertises "Place your puppy order for Xmas." A responsible breeder will never ever tell you that a puppy makes a good Christmas present, nor will they promise a puppy by a certain time of year. Notice there is no mention of AKC registration either. That's not a good sign.

    The same with the one named Cheyenne. They're basically just breeding their family pet over and over and over again.
  15. I had both Teacup and Toy maltese pups. All dogs need TLC but with maltese you have to pay extra care with their hair, teeth as well as their skin...ears and eye problems can rise up too if not taken care of properly.

    They are the most adorable lil things..but A LOT of responsibility!

    As for the teacup..yes..lota health issues can rise...mine was so small that when she was having puppies she had to undergo a C-Section!!!:cry: :blink:
    As for my Toy size maltese...he's the healthiest lil thing..and max weight he hit was 7 pounds. If they are purebred they should favorably stay below 10 pounds, but that all depends on the environment and etc...

    I wish you well on your search! I hope you find the perfect addition to ur fam... teacup or not. :yahoo: