Wanna epi in my cannes?

  1. My vintage red epi cannes, won from eBay just recently, has finally arrived today! :love: I'm not sure what this is actually use for but I love the shape of it. Some said it's a train case, cosmetic case or an evening bag. I'm just going to use it as an actual handbag. :amuse:


    IMG_0508.JPG Put on my own lock n' keys. Ta da...

    P.S. I want to thank caannie for helping me with my search of the cannes! :flowers:
  2. Irissy, This Is Definitely One Of The Best Epi Pieces, LV Has Ever Made! Love The Red!!! :smile: Enjoy.....& It Will Be Absolutely Beautiful Anyway You Wear It! Especially As A Handbag!!!!! :smile:
  3. It's so adorable! That's definately not a bag you see on the street everyday. Gorgeous!
  4. Really? :nuts: Thanks! :flowers:
  5. hey Irissy wow! what a great find! congrats!!! i totally love the colour!!!
  6. I usually don't like to buy LV bags on eBay but this was a discontinued piece so... I must... :Push:

    Thank you LoveThemAll. :biggrin:
  7. Thanks Helen!! Omg, I just hit 4000. :shocked:

  8. :Push: :roflmfao:

    congrats girl!!!! :flowers: give me another month or so and i'll be with ya!!! hehehehe! keep posting... i always enjoy reading your posts!!!
  9. Congrats ! On the Cannes and the 4,000 ! ;)
  10. What a cool bag!! Congrats and enjoy! It's so different looking. Also, congrats on your 4000th!!
  11. A Purseket would fit perfectly into that bag. :yes:
  12. Cute:biggrin: What does the inside look like?
  13. I LOVE it!!! CONGRATS!!! I want one for my accessories!!!
  14. Great find, Irissy! The color is beautiful and the shape is so unique. Congrats on a great purchase! :smile:
  15. It's really cute, and I love the red!
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