Wanna Cute Idea For Holiday Gifts ?..Try UNAZUKINS

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  1. [​IMG]

    These cute little people can answer life's tough questions for you. All you have to do is ask.

    The Japanese have created Unazukins, sweet little collectible dolls that will answer anything you need to know with either a nod or a shake.

    Simply ask the little guy a question and it will answer with a yes (one nod), with a definite yes (two nods), a no (one head shake), or a definite no (double head shake). Think of the possibilities.

    Will Nicole Richie gain another 10lbs?

    Will Britney Spears ever start dressing like an adult?

    Am I the prettiest of all my friends?

    Don't you love it? You can pick them up HERE for about $10 US.
  2. oops. Can't access the pictures.
  3. LOL...Will PHH buy me a bag for XMAS?

    That doll BETTER shake its head YES..ROFL!
  4. Those are really cute!
  5. Hehe so cute!
  6. I want one.:wtf::lol:
  7. OMG I think that will make my big decisions from now on