Wanna buy a birthday present, so get the Bays or Daria Satchel ?

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  1. I need your suggestion please... ;)

    My dear cousin 29 yrs old birthday is coming soon and she don't have any Mulberry yet..
    So my brother and me would like to buy her 1st Mulberry, so...

    Classic Bayswater in choco? OR Daria Satchel in oxblood?

    We hope that she can use it for work & weekend, but which one to choose? :shrugs:

    Thank you! :biggrin:
  2. What a kind and generous thought!

    I know unwrapping something is a thrill, but I wonder whether letting HER choose might be a better longterm bet (you could wrap up a big box, and put a note or homemade voucher inside it with some photographs).

    It's a very individual thing and I'm 20 years older than your cousin but I can tell you my own experiences with both these exact bags.

    My Chocolate Bays has been with me for 5 years and is still going strong. She is quite plain looking and quite heavy, can only be carried on the shoulder in light summer clothes but has the classic Bays shape which many people associate with Mulberry and is very strong. I love Bays so much, despite the limitations of the shape, that I now have several in different colours/leathers.

    My Oxblood Daria Satchel was light and comfortable to wear, was a lovely colour and handy as a hands-free messenger. I really liked the big tree medallion, though I did wonder whether it would eventually look a bit "last year". But after one wearing, she had to go back to Mulberry and I do not plan to buy another Daria. In particular, the striking large shiny coaster appears very vulnerable to scratches and as it's such a feature, these will be noticeable. I can't comment on how strong she was, because I didn't own her for long enough but the leather felt a lot thinner than the classic Bays leather (mine is Darwin, newer Bays are NVT but both are strong) and a heavy load on the straps might possibly cause issues.

  3. Lovely thoughts!

    What's her job, usual clothes style & colourways? Does she ever commented on your Mulberries? Which designer bag does she have so far (Daria plate could be off putting for some people who doens't like logo showing, iykwim).

    All in all, TP ^^ may be right, better to ask??
  4. What a lovely thing to do. I wish I had such cousins:greengrin:
    I for one think you should buy a bag of your choice. Its more of a personal gift. Im sure she'll love it even more, knowing someone put an effort in deciding what would suit her the most in your opinion:smile:

    bays... classic. Cant go wrong. Daria - cute, versatile. Cant go wrong.
  5. I would go with the chocolate Bayswater. I can't tell you how thrilled I would be if someone were to buy me such an iconic and timeless bag as a gift.
  6. Thanks all, thanks for the suggestion..

    The only Mulberry she can recognize is the Bayswater..
    But she like the sling bag and i think the Daria Satchel can be shoulder & sling is a good choice. The Daria plate will show it's a Mulberry bag too..

    She love all my Mulberry bags, but she just start her 1st job as a Wedding planner and the salary can't afford any branded goods yet.

    So my brother & me decide give her a birthday surprise and i'm sure she will feel so happy.. :biggrin:
  7. Buy her the bays, when she has her first mulberry she will no doubt fall in love with it a hanker after another.
  8. Such a kind and thoughtful gift!
    Both would be great but maybe bays if she already knows it.
    Let us know what you get her!
  9. My personal opinion would be to go for the bays if it's for work & weekend... It's a workhorse of a bag and it's classic mulberry. The perfect bag to start a mulberry collection!
  10. Do you want to be my cousin too??!! That's such a lovely, thoughtful gift. I agree with the majority and say go with the bays, it's a classic work bag but casual enough for the weekend. chocolate will be hard wearing and it will last her for years
  11. Bays - if she's only going to have one Mulberry, and use it all the time, go with the classic.
  12. :roflmfao::lolots::lolots:
  13. I'd definitely go for the Bays. I imagine Chocolate NVT will be extremely versatile and durable. It will go with almost everything.
  14. Too bad, i think my brother wouldn't allow me to do that.. LOL :lol: Just joking.. :hugs:
    We're from a small family and total of all the cousin sisters brothers only 5 persons, that's why we're so close to each others. ;)

    Thanks for your suggestion, I love my Oak Bays too and it's really can go for work/ casual.. :biggrin:
  15. Thank you for all the suggestion, looks like the Bayswater will be a good choice! :biggrin: