Wanna be-s....

  1. I am surprised that a store that caters to celebs would carry these!

    It's not like the Celebs can't afford the real thing. And the real ones look better and I am sure feel better.

    Why do bother? It's good for the "designer" TammiLyn, I guess

    copied from Bellegray on Robertson in LA (this is a serious celeb shop, why here?)

    Would you pay $480 for it?

  2. I don't understand why this is allowed- to copy almost exactly? No- I wouldn't buy these- I would rather have the REAL thing- not a "copy"! There's nothing that can compare to a Balenciaga bag!
  3. I would not buy those. It is still a lot of money for a totally bad copy of a balenciaga! Would rather have one real b-bag, then any of those!
  4. me too! i'd rather have one real Balenciaga, than two of those "inspired" bags any day!
  5. That is a lot of money for a lookalike. Not for me either.
  6. i second that emotion & can't imagine paying $480 for a fake :blink:
  7. disgusting! and i have seen alot of people in LA with them. belle gray is owned by lisa rinna. it is not on robertson, it is out in valley. but intuition had them near bev hills. tammy baye fakers!
  8. gross, particularly for half a grand. i do like the color of the second, though.
  9. Wth 480 for that crap.
  10. You're right, sorry, I just remembered it was across the street from Kitson...
  11. Those are just annoying, like accidently chewing on foil.
  12. Ashlee Simpson did :lol::lol:
  13. ^it does look like hers!

    eeps. i wonder what the leather is like...
  14. for $480?! :yucky:
  15. I'm embarrassed that I know this, but there's an episode of Blow Out where Lisa Rinna walks into the salon with what I thought was a black first - but now I wonder if it was a fake bag from her boutique... Fake bags carried by fake celebrities? Makes sense in a way...