Wann go to the VIP MIROIR RUNWAY???

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  1. double post.. please delete
  2. I've not heard of Karen Kooper. The site claims to be authentic. Does anyone have any experience with them?
  3. Karen Kooper is my friend. All 100000000% authentic!
  4. her stuff is so nice.
  5. Karen Kooper has alot of cool rare things! she is part of the LVII group on myspace
  6. she is a doll ^_^ and def. sells AUTHENTIC louis vuitton.
    you can count on her for great, authentic items. :biggrin:

    us LVII myspace nerds know her well (Mattie, JADOREY, and SOPHIE)
  7. The show already took place, she is strictly selling the invitation as a souviner.
  8. That would be a cool thing to have..however, it would be even cooler if it was your actual ticket.
  9. OMG yeah, too bad the show already took place last year but it's cute, my cousine got from karen kooper the invitation from the 2005 lv runway show, it was a cerises keychain in metal, cooler than that. I will ask her to send me the pics.
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