Walter Matthau gave his wife this, now it is on Ebay

  1. Intersting. Carol Saroyan Matthau was the inspiration for the character Holly Golightly.
    I just looked at the listing and I think the Hermes stamp is missing the s? Or maybe i need a magnifying glass?
  2. It's cute- looks a lot like a Vuitton Noe. Uh oh, Irene are you seein' this?
  3. It's a market bag and the bin is higher than the retail price of the bag if it were new in the store. I saw one last year for $2400 if memory serves. Although, this one comes with its own celebrity history behind it.
  4. Is this style difficult to find? I do like this style quite a bit....
  5. ^^Yes. I only saw it once last year. Although a really knowledgeable SA once told me it is actually a discontinued model. However, H is known to send out discontinued models to the stores on occasion. Now I don't know if they were SOs that were not picked up or whether a craftsman got bored one day and decided to try something different, but bottom line is it's rare.
  6. Ooh can´t wait for my market bag!
  7. Interesting auction. Thanks and thanks HG for the info.
  8. duranie, thanks for the link. Gorgeous bag. :smile:
  9. This has been on eBay before with a MUCH lower BIN. Looks like it's back to capitalize on it's famous owners :yes:
  10. ^^^Hmmm, that's interesting.
  11. That is an absurd price for that bag IMO.
  12. ^^^
    Seriously. A different one just sold for like $400 the other day. I got outbid on it by like a buck and was furious.

    And not for nothing but there are like 47 mistakes in that listing. I don't trust sloppy sellers. :tdown:
  13. Its a great bag for sure but is the story true?