Walter Kronkite passed away

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  1. Walter Cronkite. sorry for the misspell!
  2. Rip.
  3. RIP.

    the first to ever be called an anchorman.
  4. I know! :sad: so sad
  5. No...

    I love him. SUCH a gentleman.
  6. How sad... we've lost another icon. May he rest in peace now.
  7. Very sad. Back from the days when journalists reported real news.
  8. The news has never been the same since he retired. I'll miss "Uncle Walter" :sad:

    For those of you who have never seen this, below is a video of his telecast the day President Kennedy was killed. Probably his most famous (and sad) day on the job:

  9. ^^ thanks for posting that clip, Roo. What a legend Uncle Walter was. Yep, the news has never been the same.

    Blessings to him and his family!
  10. I always liked him. It's sad.
  11. So sad.

    RIP Walter.
  12. Oh how sad, may he rest in peace!