Walter Cronkite, 1916-2009

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  1. He was, for millions of people, the single stable, dependable and unchanging element in our lives.

    During times of turmoil and upheaval, within our own homes, across the globe, and more, no matter what kind of Lifetime Movie Drama might be taking place in our families, regardless of how we might be impacted by invasions, divorces, occupations, illnesses, atrocities, reversal of fortune, disappearances, high crimes, family squabbles, misdemeanors, death, ethnic cleansing, flood or famine, any and all disasters, whether natural or man-made, if we had, by means of geography, technology or both, access to the CBS Evening News, there was one thing - and for too many of us all too often, the only thing - we could count on, and that was Walter Cronkite.

    Whether what he told us was news to us or not, whether we were informed more by what he didn't say than by what he did, whether or not we were, at any given time we were even aware of the importance, the immensity of it, by the simple act of being there, every night, no matter what, Walter Cronkite gave us a very precious gift - a lifeline, something we could cling to and focus on when everything else slipped away and nothing was in focus, when every other aspect of our world turned upside down, when everything we thought was true turned out not to be, when whatever had given us whatever sense of security we might have had variously spun off its axis, exploded around us in a pink-mist horror, or simply dissolved in our hands like wet sugar, there he was.

    Sometimes we hung on his every word, and sometimes we heard nothing he said, and for many of us, it would not be until years, even decades later that we would realize that in the reality of the world in which we had grown up, there really was only one thing that we had been able to count on, and that one thing was indeed Walter Cronkite.

    There are millions of us, many who even now may not realize it, who owe whatever sanity we may have today to Walter Cronkite. And that's the way it is.
  2. May he RIP. All of the people who have made life and TV memorable....we can barely mourn one before we get another blow.
  3. How very sad :sad: My thoughts are with his family!

    I am too young to really know him (I'm 31), but I know much he was respected and trusted.
  4. Wow what is in the Hollywood water?? I dont remember too much of him either, but so sad for anyone to lose a family member. RIP
  5. Thank you so much for that tribute shimma. For my generation he was very special.
    So many of the life changing events in my life were spoken with the voice of Walter Cronkite. He was loved and he exemplified what true and honest journalism is about,
    A very special person who was graced with a long and happy life who will be missed by so many for whom his words changed our lives.
  6. Beautifully worded, shimma! Thanks for that tribute to Uncle Walter.
  7. Very, very sad indeed. May he RIP.
  8. There was a great show about him tonight!
    Showed the more human side to him.