Walt Speedy World?

  1. So we are taking the kids to Disney World in about a month. Most people get concerned about packing the right things for their children etc. Little ole me is concerned about what BAGS she is going to take (no eye rolling, you KNOW you are all the same way or you wouldn't be on this forum right now!)

    Soooo, I know I am not going to carry my speedy around at the park - I am going to suck it up and carry my gym backpack (lord help me). But I can't imagine living without my speedy for a week. I would still like to take it and maybe use it at night or something. Or should I bring my denim baggy pm instead since it's a shoulder bag? Should I pack both? I am nervous about checking my luggage with these babies in it. Maybe I can stuff them into my carry on?

    Our country is at war and I am sitting here fretting about which bags to take to Disney. Would you guys leave them at home and forego fashion for 7 days??
  2. If I took them, I would NOT check them. The Speedy is easy enough to fold and put in a larger tote as a carry on, that' s what I would do. Have fun!
  3. I always take my LVs on holiday but I only take my Pegase if I am taking the car, I will not check it on an airline. I wouldn't put my bags in my luggage either. I usually carry one & if I need a spare I take it on as hand luggage.
  4. When I went, I had to have a little LV with me so I just bought a wallet and my panda pochette to carry over my shoulders. I would be too paranoid about leaving my LVs alone in the hotel.

  5. Hmmm good point about leaving it in the hotel. Never really gave that much thought.

    Thanks for all your advice everyone.
  6. i'd take the speedy! it's the perfect traveling bag - handheld, less susceptible to pick-pocketing. what size is it? 30 would be perfect! have fun at disney and safe traveling.
  7. I take my speedy on vacation--I stash the Jansport backback in my luggage. I haven't had any problems with leaving LV in a hotel. I obviously don't leave it out in the open, but put it in my suitcase, lock the suitcase, and take the key with me.
  8. I would say pack both of them. Congrats on your up coming trip to Disney :girlsigh:
  9. I'd bring the Baggy...I've carried hand held bags like the Speedy to Disneyland and by the end of the day, my forearm is KILLING me. It's so much easier to carry a nice, spacious shoulder bag; it's why in most of my vacation pics, I'm carrying the BH lol.
  10. take both!!!

    i live close to orlando.....you'll see so many people carrying LV here.....wiyhout them, you'll be jealous!!! lol

    do u have long shoulder strap for speedy or baggy?! i used to carry my speedy (cerises) when my daughter was a little baby (now she's a big baby!! lol).....theme park, you need both hands!! have fun at Disney! weather is great here~!

    make sure to check out Millenia Mall when u are here~~!!!!

    ....also..... premium factory outlet and Florida Mall (LV is at Saks5th).....if you have time!!!
  11. I would take the baggy. It's a shoulder bag and most people are very casual at Disney. Hence, the baggy would be perfect.
  12. I wouldn't take the Speedy. What if it got wet? I also wouldn't want to worry about it, but that's just me. I would however, take my trotteur or my pochette for evenings/dinner. Do you have a pochette? Maybe you can treat yourself to one for the trip? Then you could even put it in your backpack during the day and pull it out for your LV fix every few hours, lol.
  13. Take the baggy. You won't want to shlep around Disney with your Speedy. You could use your baggy for dinners as well. This way you won't have to ever leave your LV in the hotel. It's a family vacation.... meaning.... it's a vacation for your kids. You and your husband will return exhausted from long days on your feet and doing a head count every three seconds. I remember when my boys were young and we lived in L.A. at the time. We went often to Disneyland and I also remember using a nylon backpack each time so that I could have my hands free. During the day you will be eating ice cream, holding soft drinks, maybe eating french fries and messy sandwiches...... you know.... on second thought maybe leave the LV's at home.... LOL.

  14. LMAO!
  15. I usually don't take my Speedy on vacation because I know I will get tired of carrying it on my arm! I would suggest a shoulder bag. Especially for Disneyland