Walnut Large Campana

  1. Hi, everyone! Just wanted to share with all of you my new BV bag. It's from the S/S 2014 Cruise Collection and I love the color! I was debating on whether to go for a pop of color such as Trefle or Fraise but decided a neutral would be a great addition to my Watteau Large Veneta. I wanted to get either a Belly or a Campana, but they only have the Large Belly in Ebano and Nero here, so I got the Campana. Thanks for letting me share the excitement!
    BV Walnut Campana 01.jpg BV Walnut Campana 02.jpg
  2. Nice choice! What a great neutral. Enjoy it!!
  3. Walnut is a beautiful color. I like it too. Congratulations.
  4. Very nice! Congrats! :smile:
  5. Oooo, what a magnificent bag your collection. Congratulations! :biggrin: Wear it in good health!

  6. Which one would be closer to true color pic 1 or 2? Xx
  7. Picture 2's color is closer to the actual color IRL.
  8. It's really lovely. I love the idea of it with white. The color reminds of Balenciaga's Sahara from 2008. It was a terrific neutral.

  9. Thanks :smile:
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    I was eyeing a lighter color for medium belly but not sure alabastre or antique?
  11. This would be my ideal shade medium belly, not sure if bv currently have
  12. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1384434347.128133.jpg ff
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    It depends on which shade you prefer. I think Antique is too light, too much like Pearl. Walnut has a warmer tone than Alabastre. If you're looking for something lighter than Walnut, then I would suggest Alabastre.
  14. I saw the Cervo hobo in Alabastre. It's a beautiful color. But here's the thing, I think walnut will hide dirt and wear a little better. And I think it would complement white really nicely. Alabastre might compete with it a bit. With white being big for SS2014, I'm very tempted to get something in Walnut. Imagine a nude wedge sandal and this bag!!

    I've been considering the sloane. It'd be great if it came in this color but I have to admit, your Campana is DREAMY!!!!
  15. The sloane is available in walnut on the BV website. It's done in light calf leather.