walnut color?

  1. Okay, I know there have been others that have asked where the search option has gone and I think I just never paid attention to what the answer is... so I can't find the search option. Sorry if this has been posted before!

    After getting my '07 clay shoulder bag, I've found this is the perfect size and style for me (but do wish it was a little lighter - hehe)!!! This is probably the only bag I'm willing to get duplicate colors in... and I've been on a search for my "perfect" brown bag.

    I don't like the whiskey because it just reminds me of red dirt, which we have a lot of on the Leeward side of O'ahu and my parents backyard... I want a brown that's just brown, but not dark like chocolate. I like the camel, but that's just a little lighter than I'd like as my all-purpose brown bag.

    Does anyone have photos of what this walnut color will look like?? Any and all photos would be appreciated!! Heck, if you've got a photo of the walnut shoulder bag, I'd looooove to see that!!

    On a side note, anyone own both the '06 and '07 shoulder bags? Does the '06 weigh more because of the extra pocket and turnlock? I was considering the '06 natural shoulder bag but I really don't want bags much heavier than the '07 and the Ali.
  2. I just exchanged my walnut Lily XL, and the few pictures I took of her dont represent the color too well.
    I'd say walnut would be just what you are looking for. Walnut is lighter than chocolate, darker than camel. Imagine whiskey, without the reddish hue.
  3. I had the walnut and clay gigi and decided to keep the clay. I hope these pictures help.
  4. ^ Hmmmm... that color is still looking whiskey-ish to me. Do you think it's because of the flash?
  5. I also have the Legacy in clay...and LOVE it! I agree...I think that is whiskey that Liz has. There's too much red in it, even with a flash. I only have the walnut color in the Bleecker Elisa bag, but it is definitely a dark neutral brown..no red. If you don't want a really dark brown, then I'm not sure this is the color for you either...at least with my Elisa, it is definitely a dark brown.
  6. I can't remember who it was, but someone posted pics of their bridgit in walnut.. it was a nice brown.
  7. The walnut is a true brown color. Don't be fooled by the flash. It does not look like the whiskey color at all.
  8. I had the Lily in Walnut, and took a pic before I returned her because the color was not deep dark brown like I wanted. It is shown next to my Whiskey Lily, so you can see the comparison...
  9. Wow, yeah, there is not a lot of difference! It is defnitely way lighter than the Bleecker walnut!