walmart bag

  1. i am so sick of people thinking my bag is from walmart!!!!!!! ugh. it hasnt happened once, not twice, but SEVERAL times:crybaby:. i mean, its not going to stop me from wearing it because i :heart: my bal and i know what the leather feels like. but it gets so annoying. like the other day i had these really ghetto(sorry if i offended anyone) people like following me and talking about gay. so people will talk. that didnt bother me, it pissed me off when one of the girls was like, "my apple bottom bag cost more than that" and i was just thinking ":lol:, thats funny"

    anyways, sorry, i HAD to vent
  2. lvuittonaddict ..I am sorry that you felt so badly..honestly though, the price and the 'Reality' whether of your bag or your sexual preferance is totally yours to honor and to treasure..I speak as the Pflag member of an amazingly wonderful Lesbian daughter,(she and her partner just had their second daughter on my porch in the woods in the Birthing tub, with a group of deer outside watching ).. I empathize with your pain over any lack of compassion on their part..just stroke your lovely Bbag and walk on, smile if you can, educate when you can, have compassion always for you KNOW that your bag, your Lifestyle choices and your heart are all true and AUTHENTIC..:heart:
  3. Hello lvuittonaddict - oh gosh - I feel for you. I think I got that once for one of my bags too. She asked if either Wal-Mart or Target (?). :shocked: I guess how I took it was how my co-worker was soo unaware of better things outside of Wal-Mart and or Target. Oh well - it's not that these shops are bad - but you know what I meant. It made it easier for me to let it go though.:noworry:

    At the end of the day, The people who know will know it's not from Wal-Mart anyway. Chin-up dear! :graucho:
  4. thanks guys. i cant wait to get to philly because i think people are going to be alot less judgmental about others. i went to Pride in washington DC for the first time this spring(first year i was old enough) and it almost felt weird because i am so used to people looking at me weird or talking about me and there they werent. its like, there my friends were the minority and i finally fit in. ahhh, it felt amazing, but anyways, enough of that. lol
  5. I think.. if I am in that position - I would almost take it as the bag (if bags actually feel, lol) - some people might think it's from Wal-Mart. But you look just a little bit closer and bam! You realize it's a Bbag - so limited, pricey, special and fabulous! Celebrate individuality! Cheers lvuittonaddict. Glad to hear you're feeling a little better. :tup:
  6. It's also what you have to love about bbags too.. not many people know about them! Even here in NYC, when people ask me what my bag is, and i say balenciaga i get blank stares back. And if the bag wasn't beautiful - they wouldn't have asked about it in the first place!
  7. Why would anyone think it's a Wal-Mart bag? Is there a knock-off-ish one that they sell at Wal-Mart or something? :/
  8. Ooh.. that's another great way to look at it! :yes:
  9. People who think that your bag is from Walmart... obviously don't have taste... & not a clue about Balenciaga. :nogood: SO NOOO worries.. it's there loss. :noggin:

    Let them talk... people who talk crap about other people are just trying to fill the void in themselves to make them self feel better.
    :hs: Stay STRONG!
  10. I've gotten asked if my bag is from target before too! Dont worry about it. Ultimately it's what we bbag owners love about the bag that makes us coming back, not what bypassers say! Wear them with pride!

    Also, you should check out Montreal Pride week. I went this summer with my school's GSA and it was super fun!
  11. Shoot, take it as a compliment. I mean, I know why it bugs you and how tempting it is to turn around and tell them what it cost. But if people think you've got the eye to find a bag like that in a store like Wal-Mart, let 'em. They can go look for it themselves and think you scooped up all the nice ones.
  12. argh! I have to admit, that'd drive me crazy too!! but obviously those girls were clueless, and their opinion bears no influence on who you are.

    Sometimes, I'll admit, it does bug me that when I walk into a coach store and the sales people turn their noses up at my bbag. But if I walk in with one of my LV's, they're kissing up to me! Go figure- I love my bbags (actually, love them waaay more than my LVs!), and most people are just clueless about the beauty of balenciaga!
  13. I completely agree!! I love that they are not as "common" as other designer bags and that very few people know about them!!
  14. There will always be people like that, just take pride knowing that you're carrying the real thing! Everytime I carry my Bbags, no one ever notices so at least they're noticing your bag;)
  15. I've never heard the walmart/target comments before, but my friend who has a Louis Vuitton Alma goes through a similar thing. She hears people saying that her bag is probably fake, which it isn't. It's annoying, but like everybody else has said, as long as you love your bag, that's all that matters.:tup: