walmart as good as coach?! are you kidding me?!!


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Aug 7, 2006
so today in history my teacher went on a rant about how its stupid to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive bags such as coach and louis vuitton. he then proceeded to say that a purse bought at walmart is better quality and will last longer than a coach bag. i couldnt BELIEVE what i was hearing. a girl with a dooney started trying to justify designed bags but my teacher wouldnt listen. if i didnt need an A in that class, i would have freaked out at him.
History teachers are so dry and pompous even though their degree is in history! Seriously, that is a typical teacher comment as most teachers don't make much money and need to be frugal.
maybe you should have him carry a bag from walmart

and you carry your designer bag

and see which one would last longer! looks aside.

lol. you can have fun and make it a project, whoever has the "most intact" bag after a semester of use (you can only use that bag btw, otherwise he'd cheat and just leave it in the office) gets an A.
How on earth were his comments on handbags relevant to teaching history? I might've asked whether he thought that tools from Walmart were the same quality as Snap on or whether all autos were of the same quality, regardless of design or price.
Doesn't surprise me that a male said that, yet I do find it funny that I saw authentic Coach bags for sale at Sam's Club... a Wal-Mart company. I couldn't believe that they were being sold there!
Doesn't surprise me that a male said that, yet I do find it funny that I saw authentic Coach bags for sale at Sam's Club... a Wal-Mart company. I couldn't believe that they were being sold there!

the authencitity of those bags have been questioned...and I have decided I will never buy a coach bag any where but Coach and the Coach Outlets...maybe ebay if I am brave
teachers don't make a-lot of money

Have any of you seen a teachers' salary scale lately? Top pay in my district is over $93,000.00. Maybe I'm not well informed, but if you are working 180 days a year and making that kind of money, I would say you can afford a few luxuries. Average salaries among my friends, given their years of experience is between $60,000.00 and $80,000.00. Add that to a spouse's salary and you're doing better than average.

Teaching - best kept secret in the job world (you don't work with adults, summers off, plus Christmas and spring break AND you are done before 3:00 p.m. if you don't coach or tutor).
Isn't it kind of sad too that a teacher goes on a rant but then doesn't listen to the opposition? Are the kids being taught what to think or taught how to think for themselves? His personal opinion isn't what he's being paid to teach. He should stick to facts and not just his personal feelings. And what about being an example to his students and refraining from insulting and offending those who choose to carry designer bags? Truly unfortunate! I hope he isn't married yet or that his wife doesn't like designer bags! LOL!
Top pay scale usually applies to those with a PhD and 20+ years of experience. When you consider those two things, most people with those qualifications are paid far more. In most districts continuing education is required and most teachers put in loads of extra time developing curriculum, grading and helping students. Often school funding is poor enough that teachers take from their own pockets to help students who cannot afford things.

I help a lot in my son's first grade class, and I tell you, anyone who can deal with a room full of 6 year olds all day deserves FAR more than what she is paid! Working with kids - at least through middle-school level - is far more trying than working with adults in my opinion!
Teachers dont make much ,you teacher is an idiot. I hate it when teachers are very bias,and they ignore anything they disagree upon. In my school most teachers wear Dooney,Coach,fendi,Chanel,ect so I guess the teachers in my school are cooler.
Hey, I'm a teacher (teaching assistant/grad student), and I appreciate a good Coach bag ;) I also listen to my students' opinions...I think teachers are getting a bad rap these days for being blind to opinions other than their own. Most of us on the university level are pretty open-minded, I'm guessing that applies to other levels too.