WallStreet Scarf

  1. anyone have a pic of the wallstreet scarf coming out for fall?
  2. Not yet!! But I have pre-ordered mine and it should be with me by the end of the month, will post pics then.
  3. my SA put me on the list at the NY store...so they will call me and just get my info.
  4. ^^^ Confirm that with the NYC store.
  5. aren't the other stores going to get them too?

    is it the Madison Ave store?
  6. ^^ Yes, the other stores (including the Mad ) will get them in Fall.
  7. Rose, what colorways are going to be available?
  8. My NYC SA tells me... black, orange, and an electric blue
  9. I would luv to have the orange colorway. I hope they will take phone order when when they opened for public:crybaby:the date (thanks HG for this info) is marked and alarm set at my cell to remind me.
  10. i've seen pics of the scarves...there will be one with black and gold, blue, red, and white, and orange/red (the one in the vanity fair). the border has the various neighborhoods in it.
  11. I'm dying to see this scarf. I might have to get any color that would look good on me.
  12. pigleto.. is one with blue, red and white?
  13. yes, sorry! the scarf has red/white/blue. i think it's mostly blue with red and white accents.

    i'll have to see if i can find the pics...
  14. I think that's the one I would want..red white and blue sounds pretty!
  15. pigleto972001...pls post pics of the scarf in any available colorway :smile:

    im dying to see black/gold & orange/white colorway.