Wallstreet Scarf PICS....

  1. got my box in today.....and my 2 Wall Street Scarves
  2. this scarf is really teal blue and fuschia
    hermesbluescarf.JPG hermesscarfbluecloseup.JPG
  3. here is the orange...its several orange hues....
    hermesorange.JPG hermesorange1.JPG hermesorangeclose.JPG
  4. congrats. the color is more blue than your pic though
  5. yeah I opened it and its deal a teal blue.
  6. the close up pick of the blue really shows the true color
  7. Gorgeous scarves!
  8. I really love the orange. I think I will keep that and return the blue for something else.
  9. intersting. when i tried it on it seemed like a more electricy turquoise blue than teal. if you like the style the black is lovely.
  10. seeing it...looks like a bright teal to me.....has the teal hue....but its not as muted as teal can be......
  11. Lovely, congrats!! Can't wait to get my black one!
  12. what are the black colorways.....what colors?
  13. ^^ black, white and gold
  14. wonderful!

    It was hard to decided so I told the SA to send her 2 fav.

    I am going to return the teal one I think...and exchange it for the Chavel in fuschia...

    and keep the orange. I need an orange scarf.

    I have the burnt orange Passage de Tokyo but this is brighter so I can wear it in the summer.

    summer time and the living is easy.
  15. Thanks for the pics, GG. I love the orange!