Wallmart buys Hermes.....

  1. Just for fun, imagine this: WALLMART BUYS HERMES

    The bags, quality, leather, colors, place of production, staff, prices :NOTHING changes EXCEPT the bags are stamped Wallmart instead of Hermes. Would you still buy their products?
  2. Come on Ladies, don't be shy!!
  3. To quote Whitney Houston, Hell to the no! Walmart is tacky and uses illegal and unfair labour.
  4. now THIS is funny. yeah rose, i would - would sure as H wish for the prices to drop, but if it's just a matter of walmart buying the company and then running it the same way, but swapping the name on the item... though then there is the matter of the money going to support walmart... i would IF walmart were to decide to run walmart itself in an ethical fashion.

    a lot of people either visit this subforum as outsiders or like you, even ruminate as an insider, on the appeal of hermes and seek to test the H fans' "honest" interest in hermes. i don't understand that.
  5. I too will NEVER shop at Wal-Mart. They sell guns and ammo, and I refuse to set foot in a store that sells that type of merchandise. Plus, they have been accused numerous times of treating female workers unfairly by paying them lesser wages than men and not promoting them as often as men. Who in their right mind, especially a woman, would support such an organization?
  6. Just having a bit of fun......not testing anyone, honestly!!! I was not even aware of Wallmarts 'unethical practices' (and perhaps should have used another store) , don't shop there myself..... having a slow evening, hubby's gone to London, having a glass of wine, dreaming up 'stupid' questions......:heart:
  7. run, rose, run! you opened up a can of worms with the walmart thing. i've never shopped in one either, and i knew the point you were making and that it wasn't about "ethical" vs. non-ethical companies or anything. lol
    we've never demanded the # of male v. female craftsmen from hermes. lol
  8. Stupid me!!!! I should have said 'Sears/Macys???'. Never been in there either...oh well, I guess I was just trying to determine, to myself really, how beholden I am to the "Hermes' stamp on my Hermes bags, and I am!!! Do not want it to say anything but Hermes! I am just the same with my Chanel, just wondering if I am alone with this OCD.
  9. i'm sure not.
    quite probable that this is the norm i think.
    but i don't think it's safe to discuss it here. lol too many guns aimed at walmart.
  10. I totally would NOT buy and carry anything that says 'Walmart'. Like you Rose, I am very beholden to the 'Hermes' stamp :smile:
  11. No. I shamelessly pay for the name as much as the luxury of the product.
  12. Ditto! I'm a sad brand addict :supacool:
  13. I'd start to seriously question the ethics of Hermes under Walmart ownership, knowing the difference in brand ethics between the two companies.

    IF Walmart proves only to be a shareholder with no role in management, I would continue to buy Hermes.

    Otherwise, sorry, no. Target does more for me in that kind of market segment.
  14. Setting aside Walmart's unethical labor parctices, I agree, I probably wouldn't buy the bag with the Walmart name. But even assuming that Walmart did purchase Hermes, they wouldn't put their brand on the bags. One of the reasons why you would purchase Hermes, is the Hermes brand.

    I admit, I am a brand snob!

    PS, When I lived in the US, Walmart was not my cup of tea. I was a bigger fan of Costco and Target (which I like to pronounce in the "French fashion).
  15. Well, I'm no label snob. That's why I actually like Hermes bags, no logos anywhere, with the exception of a few items. Another reason I carry my Garden Partys more than my Birkins, I like to fly under the radar. So, if the bags were to remain the same, with the same craftsmanship and adherence to quality, then, yes, I would buy the Walmart labeled bag.