Wallis mary jane....?

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  1. I just noticed that Saks have the Wallis mary jane in patent black on preorder. Anyone know who else stock these shoes and whether it would come in other colours e.g. patent nude or burgundy? I'd love to be able to place an international order for them...

    Thanks :smile: :heart:
  2. They had the patent nude and burgundy in the NY CL stores a while ago (last fall?). The LV store had them in greasepaint beige and patent black about 4 months ago. I heard Europe (might have been Paris) carrying them in multiple colours like greasepaint and teal? I can't remember there was a picture about them a while back.
  3. I saw these in person at Joseph's.
  4. There's a nude one on ebay right now, not sure of the size; it's somewhere between 35 and 36. Sold by a tPFer, she might ship internationally.
  5. Thanks for your replies :smile: I guess I'm looking at online stores or stores that would ship internationally should the patent nude/blush or burgundy ones make a comeback.

    If only they were a 38.5 / 39... I know the ones you're talking about - they are gorgeous!! :drool:
  6. Evenstar, I just got both black patent and burgundy patent from the CL boutiques about a month ago - you should definitely give them a call, since they might still have your size.
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