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  1. Hi guys!! I am looking for a new wallet......I recently got the checkbook wallet in grey quartz at the outlet. While the price was great, I am just not feeling it. I laid out all the things I normally carry and the wallet it just too....BIG!! I don't carry that many cards since I have reward cards stored in my phone now and really don't need to carry a checkbook anymore. Any suggestions you all have from wallets you have used/own. I need one that is either at the outlet now or in current FP. Suggestions appreciated!!
  2. If it was a good deal and you like the color take the checkbook part out. That should make it smaller.
  3. I like slim wallets or the med. wallets myself. Just big enough.
  4. Did any of the advice or information you received in your last two threads asking about wallets help at all?
  5. I just picked up a medium continental wallet (style 50924) with the recent PCE and I love it. It's smaller than the full size zip top accordion wallets I usually carry, but it's big enough to hold what I really need in a smaller footprint. I highly recommend it for a smaller but not tiny wallet!
  6. Perhaps the mods could combine her three threads on wallets.
  7. Men's Bleecker Compact ID Wallet in Natural. It's FP, I got it on FOS just last week for $39, reg $158. My mom is in assisted living and I take her to appointments and shopping so I carry her wallet all the time. I got this for her. I put a post it to cover her ID. The Compact ID slides out, which is pretty neat.




  8. Mods, please combine if possible. Canderson, yes I did take to heart what was relayed in the previous threads. Afterwards, however, that is when I downsized what I carry in a wallet thru an app on my phone that allows stores to scan rather than actual card. Therefore, I really don't need that large of a wallet as the checkbook, etc. I really don't care for the smaller continental zip around, so I am still leaning towards the slim wallet that is $148 at FP,unless someone knows of colors in this style that have been deleted???
  9. You still on this rage.... LOL

    -envelope wallet .. but didnt you have one and didnt like it ?

    -Slim zip around wallet ? only hold 8 cards, has coin section and you can still carry and iphone it on if you dont carry much

    -What about a zippy wristlet? they are nice, with I think 6 card slots, coin section and can carry your phone.. they leather ones are very nice, legacy or madison

    -Or the older madison sknny wallet.. its slim, holds about 10 cards a coin section and still a nice size that will fit into smaller bags with no issue.
  10. I love the accordion style wallets. My other suggestion would be to go for the universal cases or a mini skinny since they are small and versatile as well.
  11. I prefer smaller wallets. I use these 2 wallets the most.
    Madison medium leather wallet that I got at the outlet & saffiano soft wallet that I got on sale at Macy's. I've seen both styles on FOS.

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  12. Arret77, how do you like the Saffaino style in what looks like gunmetal compared to other wallets you have used in the past?? Pros?? Cons?? TIA
  13. if you got to coach website, click on "features", then on "guide to wallet" it explains what type of wallets are out there, how many compartments, what fits etc or go to FP or outlet and try different wallets, put things in and see what fits.
  14. Yes the saffiano soft wallet is in gunmetal. I love this style! Because it's slim it fits into all my purses including my larger wristlets. It's one of the most versatile wallets that I've owned. It fits a lot of cards. And the saffiano makes it more durable. I don't have any cons.