Aug 26, 2006
I'm in the market for a new wallet and I want to "look into" an Hermes...:graucho:

I really have no knowledge of their wallets at all. What's the price range? Is there anywhere online to look at different styles? BTW, I'm thinking something "colorful"...no black or brown.

Thanks! :idea:
Clopin, wonderful question and topic! Many members have some gorgeous colorful pieces and the delightful thing about H wallets is that they are so functional.

I have only one and it's made like a typical men's wallet....it opens like a book and there are cc slots on left and right sides with two pockets in the back for bills, receipts, etc.

It's definitely colorful and easy to see inside my bags when I reach for it.....

My DH bought it for me last year so I do not know price.....

It's in this pic with my other accessories and is Rouge Vif niloticus. It's worn very well this past year, I've not babied it in any way and I'm quite pleased with it.


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