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  1. Hi girls,

    I am looking into purchasing a wallet. I am not that familiar with the names of them,sizes,etc.

    I am looking for a medium size wallet with a few credit card slots and a zipper part for change.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!
  2. The wallet I allways use is a Bearne wallet, on one side there are 5 cc slots, underneath are 3 long cash slots, and on the opposite side is one long opening, underneath one zippered compartments. it folds pretty flat.
    There are several other designs, but I will leave it to the ladies that own them to describe them!
  3. I have a Bearn too.
  4. dianagrace, *applause*. So sweet of you to post all the relevant threads for consideration. This place feels so great to have helpful people like yourself. :P
  5. Thanks very much!
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