1. I'm new to the site...I'm debating between the PTI and the Pouchette...just wanted some feedback...Gotta have a new one for the Neverfull PM! :yes: I sooo glad I found this fourm!

  2. Hey welcome...between the 2 I like the PTI...it's very practical...
    the pochette I think is not so practical..
    If you want something like the pochette would you consider the portefeuille accordeon? it's very beautiful!!!:tup:
    good luck

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. i had the PTI and personally think the pochette would be more practical - i had too many cards and such for the PTI - everything ended up in the big pocket inside of the coin compartment and caused my wallet to bulge. i guess it depends on how much you need to carry! i just bought the eugenie myself, and :heart::heart: it! it's great if u carry a lot of cards. welcome to the site! and there are many previous threads debating the virtues of the different wallets, just do a search
  4. Wow thanks a bunch!
  5. i have the mono PTI and i love it. i got it a couple years ago and, except for the gold hardware, the canvas has held up perfectly.
  6. I have the PTI - the thing drives me nuts. If I hadn't paid so much and it wasn't still in such beautiful condition, I would chuck it out the window. Get the pochette wallet. It's just beautiful. Looks the same as the PTI on the outside, but is much more functional inside. The PTI falls open very far (into three - like a tri-fold) when you open it and feels very insecure. The change section is a giant snapped section. Almost too big for change and gets very thick if you put a lot of change in it. If you put a little change in it, it rattles around and makes noise. I ended up using the change section for other cards, papers, receipts, and then I have no place to put my change. I find it a very big, bulky wallet that just drives me up a wall. I've been looking at the pochette wallet and the layout is just beautiful. It will definitely be my next wallet. Everything is very secure, yet you can see everything well. It has a zipper section which is nice and flat for change, and there are plenty of sections for cards and receipts. I think it is the best wallet made by LV. That would be my choice over any other. I bought the Koala once and while it's nice, I don't like folding my money, I didn't like the scratches on the clasp, and it got very thick and bulky when I put a lot in it, so I gave it to my daughter (who unfortunately managed to lose it and then I bought her the Koala Card Holder, which is a smaller version of the same wallet).

    Sorry to be so long. I just can't tell you how much I wish I had gotten the Pochette wallet instead of my PTI so I wanted to respond as quickly as possible.
  7. Thanks charleston-mom...this is great info! Thanks for your feedback!
  8. I am going to second Bagmaniac23's suggestion of the portefeuille accordeon. :tup: My DH bought it for me for Valentine's Day and I absolutely love it. The size is perfect and the chain allows you to carry it as a clutch/wristlet.
  9. Just curious, I was also interested in this wallet but is it functional? Because I see that the spacing is so close together. Would be hard to get in and out of?
  10. i agree.

    I've never liked the PTI for the exact reasons mentioned above, and that's why I bought the pochette wallet
  11. when I was purchasing my wallet I was deciding between the same two wallets and ended up buying the pochette.... and I LOVE it!! definitely buy this wallet.... it was VERY painful to spend this much $ on a wallet.. but I love it so much that I don't even think about it anymore.. Good luck with your purchase!
  12. I have both the PTI and Pochette and Pochette is by the far the best wallet I've ever used. I hardly use my PTI. I couldn't agree more with charleston-mom. In addition to the reasons she indicated above, the Pochette has tons of room for receipts. I travel quite a bit for work and the 2 separate compartments in the wallet lets me separate my personal and business receipts. Get the Pochette, you will love it.:tup:

  13. I just got the mono accordeon too and love it! Have not had the chance to post my new items on TPF yet, but I will and the accordeon will be one of them. I like the accordeon because it is not as high in measurements as the pochette or PTI allowing it to be slimmer (I think its about 1/2 inch shorter in height) looking and it is great to have the gold chain too. In fact, I carried just my accordeon wallet into the grocery store today and hooked the long vachetta pochette shoulder strap on the d ring and wore it across the chest!!! Such a versatile piece! But if you have gotten your selections down to just the 2, I would get the pochette.
  14. No not at all, for it does open up really wide if you want it to, this is why its called an accordeon wallet.
  15. I have the pochette wallet and love it... I cannot see myself using any other wallet. I love the slots in the front for my DL and other card that I use often. I also love having the zipper pocket rather than just a snap pocket in the pti. I love the fact that I have slots so I keep my wallet organized like my receipts. I live out of this wallet and would suggest it to anyone.