1. I've been searching for a nice wallet and I thought it would be nice if Kooba made a line of matching wallets and other accessories (key fobs, change purses, etc.)

    What are your thoughts?
  2. We were wondering the same thing when they came out with their leather coats last year. There were a few of us who were trying to figure out why they'd produce jackets, when clearly their market would be more apt to buy wallets or key fobs. I believe that most of us here have wished for a Kooba wallet at one time or another. If only Kooba would branch out a little!
  3. A Kooba wallet in soft smooshy 05 leather..(that would probably only last a month..)

    At the moment I'm grateful Kooba doesn't make wallets, I'm totally obsessed with wallets..(but let's face it, changing wallets is a total pain, how many does a girl need??)
  4. Oh yea....a smooth leather wallet in Espresso.....yummmmm. I would buy that!
  5. Absolutely! As was discussed when the jackets/vests came out I'd *definitely* be all over a wallet or coin purse! Heck, key fobs or even charms would be fab!

    Kooba staff - do you read this forum? You SHOULD! (actually, I kinda think they do...I swear they named that cute little Lexie bag after the forum's resident Kooba Queen!!)

    Maggie - I'm the same way about coin purses as you are with wallets! Funny thing is I carry very little change in them and usually have little bits of things or little necessities in them instead. I have two in my purse currently. :love:
  6. KoobaMe - I ordered a few Hayden Harnett Lourve Coin Purses for the President's Day Sale, but I really rather buy a Kooba accessories version. I bet they would sell very well. Can you imagine an Elisha wallet or a Sienna coin purse? :love:

    That's also great that they named a bag after Lexie. What an honor! :woohoo:
  7. I have a couple of those Louvre coin purses as well - just love 'em! The leather is so smooshy wonderful and the lining and the little bow on the outside are just adorable! Such a great price right now, too. Unfortunately, I bought mine at the last sale for twice as much.

    BTW: I don't know that they actually named the bag after Lexie - I was speculating! LOL! :p But if they didn't, they should have!
  8. I'm quite sure they didn't but after all the money I've given them....

    I's so comman to name bags after girl names. I think it's Joy Gryson that named her bags after her friend's children names. Go Gryson has a Lexi bag and Kooba a Lexie bag. My Mom happened to name me a name that would become quite popular many decades later.
  9. If only that were true. My name is Joanna if anyone from Kooba is reading. :graucho:
  10. ^ Lol!!!
  11. I would not buy one, but I think there is a market for it. However, I refuse to buy pricey wallets. That's one thing (of the many things) that I skimp on.
  12. I would love it if Kooba brought out wallets to match their Kooba bags. There's definitely a market for them.
  13. i would love to see the designs they would come up with for wallets, i bet they would be beautiful!