1. HI
    These are the photos of wallets I got from Aloha Rag, if anyone is interested.
    The colour inventory may not be updated (got these sometimes ago, sorry) so please email them for latest.

    Real Coin $375—Black, Rouge, French Blue (photo), Truffe, White
    Money $475—Black, Plomb, Mogano, Tabac, Café, Anthracite (photo)
    Ni Compagnon $495—Black, White, Greige, Avio (photo), Emerald, Gris
    Le Compagnon $505—Black, White, Greige, Bordeaux

    I ordered the French Blue Real Coin! :yahoo:

    realcoin.JPG Le_C.JPG Ni-1.JPG money_anthra.JPG
  2. Thanks for sharing :smile:
    The FB is lovely :heart:
  3. Thank you for the photos. I want to see how they are inside though. Any pictures of those?
  4. Thanks for the info! I really want a b-wallet but I still can't decide between the money and the mini-compagnon!